Chinese Learning & HSK Preparatory classes offered by Batie Institute

Batie Institute

We have established an organization with the name of BATIE Institute, which is situated at Awan Plaza, Main Ali Town Stop, Adyala Road, Rawalpindi, being Head Office in order to promote Chinese language in Pakistan. Batie Institute is the sole registered Institution in private sector in Pakistan, and the Chinese Government/ Chinese universities are also cooperating with us. As we know that Pak-China Economic Corridor is the Mega project in the history of Pakistan. A lot of Chinese Companies pouring in Pakistan, would be needing Chinese speaking Pakistani professionals. Hence the Chinese language would be more beneficial to the students of Pakistan , particularly the professionals, like BBA, B.COM, MBA , M.COM, IT professionals, Software Engineer etc. whom job opportunities would be brighter in Chinese companies as well as Pakistanis companies. 3. We intend to expand Chinese language all over Pakistan, therefore, we are working on it.


  • International businesses prefer to hire people who speak more than one language. China has become a huge market, and business leaders are looking for people who can speak Chinese and operate successfully in a Chinese cultural context.
  • Knowing Chinese may give you an edge when competing for an important position.
  • China will play a major role in world affairs in the future. As China now has opened up to the West, there are opportunities for employment in all areas.


  • GROUP# 1: Businessman; who want to go China for trade purpose.
  • GROUP# 2: Professionals; CPEC will bring job opportunities.
  • GROUP# 3: Students; who want to study in China.


  • 中巴经济走廊是一个包含高速公路、铁路和油气输送管道以及多种贸易的通道。
  • 走廊将贯穿巴基斯坦包括克什米尔、吉尔吉地区等所有省份。
  • 中巴经济走廊将在不远的将来为你提供就业机会。何不提前在汉语上武装好自己呢?!
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  1. Learning a language is never a waste of time it always benifits you today or tomorrow but learning Chinese is something more than learning a language, its like learning about about a whole new culture and civilisation……And for Pakistanis it’s very important as CPEC is in progress and China is like a brother country…..And in such situation if a platform like HSK is provided it’s nevertheless than a blessing and a wise man will always benifit from it because its the future!!!!
    Bathie institute is playing a big role in it as courses are offered by many institutes but HSK which is a certified course is only offered here ……