Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution has held seminar




In connection with Pakistan China relationship and formation of China Pakistan Economic Corridor, Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution has held this seminar. Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution (IICR) is an independent, non-profit and nonpartisan think tank known for its effective synergy of basic and policy-relevant research. It has covered the stages of its growth with discernible significance in its quest for excellence. The Institute has risen to ignite scholarly hunts and conduct independent research based on in-depth analysis in resolving the issues related to peace and conflict stricken stock at national, regional and international level. In addition to such research, IICR is methodically engaged in the promotion of peace through conflict resolution, dialogue and reconciliation, post-conflict rehabilitation, public awareness and policymaking initiatives.Being the premier institution, it conducts independent analysis of conventional and non-conventional issues related to national and South Asian security including terrorism, violent extremism and other armed conflicts and their resolution and transformation. This institute aims at and advances the idea of increasing and enhancing knowledge pool related to conflict, its resolution, and post-conflict rehabilitation paradigm.It is evolving as an institution of higher learning as well as poised to emerge as a leading forum for valuable discourse on the issues of peace and conflict resolution. Since its inception, the institution’s myriad contribution in presenting impartial deliberations with an avowed diligence to offer wide-ranging solutions and recommendations to deal with humanitarian and security challenges of Pakistan. It has earned an international reputation for excellence and has rock-hard proficiency in training, arbitration, and policy research and futuristic expansion with viable solutions.
First session of the seminar consisted of introduction of IICR by Miss Sanabil Sibtain who is a research fellow at the IICR. Miss Sharon was also present as a Chinese translator. Miss Sinabil Sibtain was followed by Miss Sabah who is the founder and Executive Director of IICR. Before Miss Sabah was called upon ribbon cutting ceremony of IICR took place.
The second session of the seminar was solely based on the talk called as CPEC as an economic uplift, which was conducted by Dr. Muhammad Khan (executive member of IICR, and former Head of Department International Relations, NDU) and Mr. Farid Ullah Director IICR and visiting faculty, NDU). They talked about howChina Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has the potential of greater economic integration between Pakistan and China, a massive economic uplift of Urban and Rural areas all along, besides, paving the way for the National & Regional integration through economic activities.
The seminar was concluded by Mr. Zhao Lijan (deputy head of mission At Chinese Embassy) and Mr. Zahir Shah Project Director/CPEC coordinator, Planning and development). Mr. Zhao Lijan expressed his hope for implementation of all the projects under CPEC. He also said that CPEC is an initiative that is generating win-win cooperation between Pakistan and China, and helps in bringing prosperity to the region. Mr. Zahir Shah agreed with Mr. Zhao Lijan and talked abouthow CPEC has become vital for both states for a number of reasons. He referred CPEC as a way forward for Pakistan.
The seminar was essentially conducted to discuss the importance of CPEC for Pakistan, China and an overall significance of it in the region. CPEC’s security, political and economic aspects were discussed and it was seen as a game changing project in the international arena.