Pakistan’s Foreign Policy Tilt towards China , BY MUHAMMAD ABDUL MATEEN HASHMI 马丁


Pakistan’s Foreign Policy Tilt towards China


Pakistan and China had already declared themselves as ‘all weathered friends’ and this friendship has grown stronger over the decades, culminating to a point where China has gained a dominating role in shaping up future Pakistani economic strategy and the country receives the Chinese with wholeheartedness. China has extensively invested in the key strategic initiatives throughout Pakistan which includes the building of nationwide highways, telecommunication infrastructure and the biggest of all, Gwadar Port, which is the deep sea port linking the greater region with the warm waters. As the ships have started to dock at Gwadar, Pakistan marks another milestone towards regaining its economic confidence in the international markets. China has no doubt, never left Pakistan during its worst of worst times and it has always recused Pakistan wherever there has been a breaking point and continues to support with the same agenda. Pakistan and China’s close ties have always irked its neighboring country India, since long and now the western powers such as the USA have also been seen concerned of this growing Pak-China nexus which is embedding deep into the roots. On previous instances, the Pakistan’s foreign ministry, have never given a vocal statement of changing the country’s policy to please its closest ally and had refused that Pakistan aims to take any such actions, however, the recent revision of policies pertaining to China have raised multiple questions from the west which are more of concerns.

There is no doubt that China has taken over the South Asian region through its well-designed strategic move. As China aims to build the Silk route of the 21st century, Pakistan has played a vital role in fulfilling the Chinese dream. Gwadar provides China with the shortest route towards the warm waters. As China proceeded to build the state of the art deep sea water port, the country benefitted Pakistan in the shape of extensive aid and loans which were aimed at building its infrastructure that would ultimately help the Chinese in transporting their trade convoys. China has definitely become the regional power, not only through commencing trade agreements with the countries throughout the region, but it has also played a dominating role in the regional issues pertaining to politics as well as military issues. Furthermore, China has increased its influence through regional and international forums such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) where China and Russia are the two major members working closely in monitoring the regional issues and tackling the pertaining crisis. China’s regional dominance has been irking the Indian leadership which is why India has shown an increased incline towards the USA to counter the Chinese effect within the region. However, China knows its enemies too well and have always assured protecting the national interests and borders of Pakistan at the same time. As India was hopeful to attain its membership within the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), China voted against the idea and suggested that no rules must be abolished for one country and India must sign the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty (NPT) before any such membership is extended. China has taken the leading role in the regional matters and its intelligence agencies are watchful at the moment, therefore, the foreign policies and agendas of the regional countries as well as the west are being continuously evaluated at Beijing.

As China is already dominating the economic forums of the world, soon it will emerge as the regional as well as the global power where the other countries of the region will abide by the policies and rules laid by increase authorities and will declare themselves as China’s closest allies. As right after the World War Two, USA emerged at the global power and all decision would comply by the Washington headquarters, now China will attain the same status and the USA will lose its influence globally. Pakistan has announced its cooperation with China and this stance is predicted to grow stronger after the weakening of ties with the USA. China has always welcomed Pakistan and has rescued the country during the times of crisis. The Chinese would no longer appreciate the interference of Washington within Pakistan and would like Pakistan to design a China-centric policy.

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