China: A Sincere Neighbor of Pakistan BY MUHAMMAD ABDUL MATEEN HASHMI 马丁


    China: A Sincere Neighbor of Pakistan



    Pakistan is a blessed country which has been endowed with a key strategic location and enriched lands filled with a variety of minerals and other resources required for a country to sustain and progress. Unfortunately, the historical events have not favored the country economically or politically as throughout the history Pakistan has been confronted with difficult situations where the attention of leaders and policymakers was diverted towards conflict resolution rather than devising strategies for utilizing the human and natural resources for economic progress. China has been the only sincere neighbor of the country since its independence from the British rule. Although the two countries share a small border at the north, China has always been an endorsing friend who has assisted the country in thick and thin. The inclusion of Pakistan in the ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative is an acknowledgment of the bond which exists between the two countries as it has been a ray of hope for the exhausted economy of the country. Despite the fact that anti-state forces have been quite active and have played an overt and covert role in compromising the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), China did not back out from its commitment rather it further supported and acknowledged the active role played by the country’s leadership as well as the Law Enforcement Agencies in taking forward the Chinese Dream of building the Silk Route of 21st century. China has always placed its faith in Pakistan which has boosted up the morale of the people of the country.

    The fight against extremists and anti-state elements is a priority of the military and security agencies of Pakistan whereas the invisible hand supporting the anti-state fractions are known to all. India’s covert attacks on the eastern border, especially aimed at the CPEC route, are only aimed to strain the diplomatic ties between the two countries. China has been a voice supporting Pakistan at the international forums, and in many instances, the country’s leadership has expressed its never-ending support for Pakistan and have remained firm on its stance to engage with Pakistan. Chinese are the visionaries of this century, and their peaceful emergence is promising for all the countries which are a part of the Grand Chinese Dream.  CPEC has helped the country to overcome an array of issues pertaining to underdevelopment of certain areas of the country and have added a significant amount of jobs in the local economy for its own citizens. The mere China-Pakistan nexus has made our country an attractive platform for the European countries, Central Asian Republics and the Middle Eastern States which are now wishing to invest in Pakistan to secure their future.

    Under the global power shift, Pakistan is a natural born ally of China, as China has never threatened the country or pushed its neighbor into a proxy war to attain its own interests.It is just the beginning of a new era of friendship between the two countries which is yet to grow even stronger and deeper. The Western and regional countries are definitely irked by the pledge between the two countries and will do whatever it takes to sabotage the prosperous terms, however, what should not be forgotten is that the people of Pakistan will not compromise any such anti-state motives of any country and the bond between the countries will always remain intact. China has placed confidence in our nation, and the people of Pakistan will always acknowledge the support extended to them in the hour of need.