Significance of Learning Chinese Language by MUHAMMAD ABDUL MATEEN HASHMI 马丁


    China, China, and China is a term which is now associated with a progressive and bright future. Merely a few years ago the awareness regarding China in Pakistan was found to a mere extent that the two countries are termed as friends and share prestigious relations in the diplomatic corps but no one was ever found to be interested. Now the tables have turned, and the relationship between Pakistan and China have grown beyond the fact that the two countries share borders. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has marked the commencement of a new era for strengthening the bond between Pakistan and China. As the nation has welcomed Chinese, the Chinese on the other hand, have invested more than $46 billion dollars to uplift the economy of Pakistan. China is a culturally enrich country and has the world’s unique language. Since the increased collaboration of Chinese with Pakistan, it has been afund that language barrier has been a major issue which needs to be overcome. With the growing investment of China in the country, and an ease of visa access for the locals; individuals from all walks of life started to prefer visiting China for education and trade purposes than any other country, which created a demand for learning the Chinese language more than ever.

    The demand for learning the Chinese language has not only increased in Pakistan alone; rather its significance rose at the global level. Companies which employed Chinese interpreters and had employees who knew Chinese as a second language found it as a competitive edge over others, whereas the demand and supply gap of those who knew the language further made the learning of this language more desirable. However, not to forget the fact that Chinese is a difficult language to learn but worth the study. There is no iota of doubt that China is set to rule the world through its Chinese Dream and for any country to know them better and to interact to build mutual understanding, it is pertinent to know the language so that communication barriers can be removed.

    At the same time, it is important to inculcate the significance and value of this centuries old language amongst our youth so that Pakistan can build its impact in the global power changing scenario. China is set to create innovative markets, and its partners will certainly avail fullest benefits only if they are better able to understand them. It is important to know the language first to further develop an understanding of the culture and people of any country. The Chinese have a high business acumen, and they operate at a fast pace. China has become the world’s leading market and manufacturing hub. Pakistan has already experienced the wonders by collaborating with China. It is highly advisable for the country to invest in more projects and cultural centers so that the greater public can get a chance to learn the language and help strengthen the bridges between the two countries.