How to promote the Chinese Language in the Business Community of Pakistan? “PART 2” by Muhammad Abdul Mateen Hashmi

تھورھونگ چیانگ کی
تھورھونگ چیانگ کی "وبا "سے بچنے کی کہانی

CPEC and the extensive search of ventures by the locals with various Chinese companies havedefinitely changed the fate of the country. Chinese have proven to be true friends even if it has been for economic purpose because no other country came for rescue after Pakistan’s stock exchange index started to struggle to keep up in the international markets. However, the current situation clearly depicts who the friends and foes are, where no country can ever replace China’s endowments to Pakistan in the times of hardship. With the massive increase in bilateral prospects between the two countries, and keeping in view that Pakistan has a large business community, the desire for learning the Chinese language has also increased especially in the business community. The question in the case of the business community of Pakistan is not that how to promote; rather it is how to design the curriculum because with the fast paced business interactions, learning Chinese through short courses has become the foremost pre-requisite of many.

The government of Pakistan has already taken several accommodative steps to build bridges between the Chinese and the local community. Learning Chinese, especially, Mandarin has become a necessity just like English which is an essential element in the business transactions. There are various methodologies which can be adopted to promote Mandarin in the business community knowing the fact that time is money and sparing time for full-time enrollment in language learning courses is next to impossible. We are living in a technologically advanced era; educational institutions can create mobile applications for teaching the Chinese language where weekly lectures can be added with a self-assessment quiz. Apart from that, call centers can play a vital role which can not only help in identifying the market and in reaching out to the right customers but Chinese speaking employees can also be hired who are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for assistance to the business community, which can also be helpful to others belonging to any walk of life. Mandarin is a tricky language to learn and teach as it has a complex structure where it is based on 3000 characters. Therefore, the curriculum designing needs to be done in a manner where thekey focus on the business jargon is placed.

The sudden rise in the demand for learning Chinese is just the commencement of a new era. As Chinese and especially Mandarin, one of the most popular dialects, will soon become one of the most spoken languages around the globe, it is important to release its significance and prepare ourselves now to earn a competitive advantage in this fast-paced world. The governments have already played an extensive role in sustaining the friendship between Pakistan and China; now it is the duty of the citizens to engage as this century is of economic progression and advancement, those who will fail to realize will lose their standing internationally.