China committed to host successful BRICS summit by Zamir Assadi


Xiamen, May 22  The coastal city of Xiamen in Fujian province nicknamed as Garden on the Sea is taking steady steps to prepare and embrace the 9th BRICS summit to be hosted in September this year, said Pei Jinjia, standing committee member of CPC Fujian provincial committee, party secretary of CPC Xiamen Municipal Committee on Monday.

Pei Jinjia talked about the preparatory work for the ninth BRICS Summit at a huge press conference attended by a number of national and international media men.

Pei described that for the preparations of BRICS summit five major guidelines have been followed consist of avoid extravagance, benefit the city and citizens, prioritize security and safety, provide quality logistics services and encourage public participation.

He told that these guidelines have been very helpful while delivering best results for environmental protection and fully utilizing existing facilities in accordance to international practice and actual needs.

The preparatory work has been conducted side by side with post-Meranti Typhon reconstruction and the enhancement of city environment and governance, said Pei at the press briefing.

The specific security measures have been identified and implemented to ensure the safety of the delegates, he told.

Details plans to facilitate accommodation, transport, meals and work for delegates and media have been formulated while several BRICS themed volunteer activities to invite citizens to help nurture a friendly and civilized society have also been launched, told Pei.

While talking about the extension of the remit of BRICS to make it most successful platform regarding South-South cooperation, he said that China is exploring the modalities so that more friends may become the part of this platform.

He also noted that Xiamen is playing a vital role in One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative and the speech of President Xi Jinping at the summit is a historic guideline for increasing trade, investment, technology and cooperation with other countries in various sectors.

Fujian is encouraging its companies to invest in OBOR countries to fully tap the potential by which we can develop more strengthening relationship with one another.

Pei also counted that deepening reforms and opening up policies will be continued for attracting more business companies to invest in the province while the trade volume by increased by fully utilizing the rail, road and sea routes as for now train corridor to Europe was an important part of enhanced trade activities.

This trade route will also be enhanced towards Moscow and other destinations for facilitating trade activities.

While talking about the trade volume of Fujian with other countries, he said that 77.2 billion dollars were the figures which was significant and remarkable achievement while more efforts are underway to gain more results.

Pei also explained that Xiamen is one of the four international shipping centers in China while its port ranked the 15th worldwide in terms of containers throughout last year. Meanwhile its airports operate 38 international routes to Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania.

He told that Xiamen took on major pilot tasks including comprehensive reform pilot area, pilot free trade zone and national indigenous demonstration zone.

As of the end of 2016, actual utilized foreign capital registered 34.67 billion dollars and 60 fortune 500 businesses have invested in 109 projects in Xiamen, he said on Monday.

He also described that in past 36 years the annual average growth rate of the local GDP was 16.1 % while per capita reached 15 thousand dollars last year.

Pei noted that hosting BRICS summit is the beginning of next stage and the management is confident that backed by CPEC central committee with president Xi Jinping as the core, the central government and the provincial government will support of citizens will accomplish the tasks.