Anhui to leverage advantages by OBOR initiative by Zamir Asadi


Hefei, May 26:  Anhui, the province of central China was committed to fully leverage its advantage as the node of the Belt and Road area and Yangtze economic belt by proactive opening up policies, said by Cheng Jun, division chief of policies and regulations commerce department in a briefing to a group of visiting journalists here.

In a briefing to the journalists of South Asia and South East Asia, Cheng Jun said that equal importance is given to imports and exports, bringing in and going out foreign investment attraction and talent acquisition.

He said that provincial government ushered in a new phase in building an open economy based on new systems, accelerating the formation of a new opening up lay out featuring two way interactions between east and west.

Measures will be taken to enable pragmatic cooperation with countries along the OBOR trade route in industrial technology, energy resources, environmental protection, science and technology, education and culture, sister provinces and other fields, strengthening mutual exchanges and cooperation, he said.

He also told that efforts will be made to deepen Yangtze river Delta cooperation at a large scale and a higher level, accelerate integrated development and jointly build a world class urban agglomeration with international competitiveness.

Cheng also described that province will also take measures to strengthen cooperation in international production capacity and equipment manufacturing, actively promote dominant enterprises of house hold appliances, auto mobile and spare parts, engineering machinery and other sectors.

In 2016, total imports and exports of Anhui reached USD 44.38 billion while exports stood at 28.84 billion dollars, said Cheng.

He also described about the Hefei-Xinjiang-Europe international cargo train passes through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland for Hamburg by covering through 11,000 KM in 15 days.

Cheng mentions that Anhui has approved 121 overseas enterprises and actually invested USD 1.24 billion abroad, an increase of 28 % hitting record highs.

It was briefed that the newly contracted foreign projects of Anhui amounted to 2.08 billion dollars and dispatched 10,044 workers abroad for labor services in 2016.

He told that province is at the frontier of the economic influence of developed coastal region and is engaged in industrial transfers from those regions, the bridgehead that implements the western China development strategy and central China rising strategy and enjoys the geographic advantages of connecting all parts of China.

Anhui saw the establishment of 267 new foreign funded enterprises, down by 7.6% year on year and actually utilized FDI of 14.77 billion US dollars, up by 8.4 %  year on year, said Cheng.

Cheng described that the state level development zone refers to the economic and technological development zone, tax bonded zone, high-tech industrial zone, national tourism and holiday making zone and other development zones that exercise various favorable policies of China.

Anhui has established sister-city ties with 87 cities from 35 countries across the world, extensive contacts with more than 140 countries and regions, friendly relations with more than 70 foreign organizations, exchanges with more than 150 scientific research institutes.