CPEC, OBOR challenges and way forward – CPEC,OBOR 中巴经济走廊及一带一路 的挑战和前进之路 by Engr. Siddiq-ur-Rehman Rana


Pakistan can be a model for OBOR success -巴基斯坦可以成为一带一路成功的典范


The OBOR would be a green revolution. It would lead to fast pace industrialization of the developing countries and for China achieving 7% or more GDP growth and transforming to knowledge based economy.

一带一路将是一场绿色革命。 这将导致发展中国家快速工业化。 中国实现GDP增长7%以上,转向知识型经济。


The following is briefly the challenges would be faced, way forward to preempt these challenges and the impact of way forward on Chinese economy:



  1. Conflict of interest with existing business: (Trade, industry, agriculture, services). The way forward:.与现有业务的利益冲突:(贸易,工业,农业,服务业) 前进之路
  2. Existing business 5 level linkages with Chinese economy; facilitating exports to China, OBOR 65 countries, joint ventures, transfer of technology, OJT (On the job training), SME Captive power

现有企业5级与中国经济联系; 促进出口到中国,及一带一路沿线 65个国家,合资企业,技术转让,OJT(在职培训),建设中小企业的自备电厂。

  1. Trading: Developing synergy by doing B to B and local B to C



  1. Security – transforming tribble belts to 21st century – (FATA, Baluchistan)

.安全 – 将叛乱社会转变为21世纪全新社会 – (FATA,俾路支省)

  1. Comprehensive SEZ – (Training hub + Industrial cluster + Knowledge hub – R&D institute & University)

设立综合经济特区 – (培训中心+产业集群+知识中心 – 研发机构与大学)

  1. Relocation of the overcapacity clean industry at Karachi to Sing creek, Karachi to Jiwani, 900 KM Pak – Iran border, western and central

corridors by the combination of planned and market economy

产能过剩的清洁产业搬迁。 在卡拉奇到克里克,卡拉奇到济沃尼,900公里的巴 – 伊朗边界,西部和中部走廊。 通过计划和市场经济的结合实施

iii.            Global (EU, ME) – Chinese – local investors triangle SEZ

设立全球(欧盟,美国) – 中国 – 本地投资者三角经济特区


  1. Balance of payment problem – Pakistan GDP growth would be 9 to 11%

国际收支问题, 巴基斯坦国内生产总值增长将为9至11%

  1. Relocation of the overcapacity clean industry in Pakistan where the raw materials, labor and etc. advantages exists. 将产能过剩的清洁工业从中国搬迁到巴基斯坦。 在原材料,劳动等方面存在优势。
  2. Global (EU, ME)– Chinese – local investors triangle SEZ

全球(欧盟,美国) – 中国 – 本地投资者三角经济特区


The impact of way forward on Chinese economy: 前进道路对中国经济的影响:

  1. The revival of overcapacity industry in China by relocating to the developing countries where cheaper raw materials and labor is available.

中国产能过剩行业复苏。 通过搬迁到发展中国家。 那里有更便宜的原材料和劳动力。

  1. Revival of heavy industry in particular in the North East of China

中国重工业复兴。 特别是中国东北部

iii.            Global investment in  western region of China 全球投资者投资中国西部地区

  1. Saving billions of dollars to be spent on security 节省数十亿美元用于安全