Tai Ping Hou Kui tea dominates all taste buds in China by Muhammad Zamir Assadi


Huangshan, June 5: The green tea from the town of Tai Ping invented in the early 20thcentury has dominated all other taste buds by becoming the China’s most prestigious name.

Journalists from South Asian and South East Asian countries had an opportunity to visit the production base of traditional Chinese green tea in Hou Gang Village and witnessed the tea proudly presented to foreign visiting dignitaries to China.

This tea has been selected as one of the top ten teas in China as it is also a historically reputed tea since Qing Dynasty.

Its leaf measures up to 60 mm which is the largest sized leaf tea among the famous green teas but surprisingly its size does not affect its delicate orchid fragrance with a mellow taste which lasts up to four brewing.

In a glass, the leaf gracefully sways in the water which is described as the ‘Phoenix dances’.

In harvesting, every single twig which contains one bud and 3-4 leaves is plucked from tea tree while subsequently it is meticulously re-plucked again at factory, where only one bud and two leaves remains, and other leaves are removed.

This is the expertise and effort of manufacturer to preserve the tea leaves to ensure it to be in good shape until it is sent for processing.
Unlike most the green teas, Taiping Hou kui does not undergo any rolling process. It is dried at once using a series of bamboo baskets heated at various temperatures.

Inactivation of enzyme as well as enhancement of flavor takes place during these unique processes. Eventually, Taiping Hou kui preserves its most natural shape, and the end product presents an exclusive characteristics and it has been used as one of the gift teas for diplomatic mission in China.


The production area of the real Taiping Hou kui is stretched to three villages namely, Hou-keng, Hou-cun, and Yan-jia.

On the international arena this tea was first brought to exhibition at Nanjing where it was highly praised by public in 1900.

In 1915, Taiping Hou kui won a gold prize at the world expo of Panama held by United States while in 1916 it was granted another gold prize during the commercial expo at Jiangsu Province.

The tea has also bagged gold prize at first China food expo in 1988 and highest honor prize in 2004 at international tea expo held at Wu lake of Anhui province.