Promising Jilin meeting the world by Muhammad Zamir Assadi

Promising Jilin meeting the world

Beijing, June 16th : The exhibition staged at ministry of foreign affairs about North Eastern province Jilin attracted representatives from more than 130 countries to witness the potential of cooperation and the achievements bagged in the recent years.
In a key note speech on the province, the foreign minister of China Wang Yi stated that despite being an inland province, it has actively integrated into the Belt and Road initiative to give new impetus to the prosperity of North East China.
The provincial government has strengthened its supportive policies for international trade, cross border e-commerce and retail and service outsourcing, said Wang Yi.
The provincial capital has also become a national pilot city for cross border e commerce exploration with the best measures taken by the provincial government, he told.
He also told that despite different challenges, provincial government has taken various steps for industrial transformation which is successfully going ahead and central government was very optimistic about this.
Foreign minister also noted that the accomplishments by the province could be witnessed in various sectors which were really encouraging.
He highly appreciated that rice cultivated in the province by noting that these are even better than that of Japan.
He also added that the province has the best state of art snow sports facilities and youngsters are actively becoming a part of these games.
The top two snow sports facilities are located in this province which is the real attraction for the people interested in such games.
He also paid his gratitude to the ambassadors, charge de affairs and others who attended the event and supported Jilin province for their next destination in terms of trade and other sectors.
While addressing the event, provincial governor Liu Guozhong told that province has become an important window for trade between China and North East Asia while the opening up policies were being implemented to boost the development.
He also said that the province borders with the Russia and DPRK is the key region for the province’s opening up and also an important part along the Silk Road Economic Belt.
The province has also received millions of tourists last year which also show the increase as compare to the previous year, he noted.
He added that opening up is the driving force of province’s economic development while GDP of the province was also on the rise.
Local authorities have established 42 forest reserves in recent years with their combined area totaling 2.61 million hectares, accounting for some 14 percent of the province’s total area, he went on saying.
The reserves, especially those in Hunchun, Wangqiang, are working as a corridor for wild Siberian tigers and Amur leopards to roam from one habitat to another, he added.
He also said that the effects are remarkable as the monitoring shows that in 2013 there were at most 13 Siberian tigers and 15 Amur leopards in the Changbai Mountains while now the figures are 28 and 42 respectively.
Bayin Chaolu, part secretary of Jilin province also talked highly about the cooperation opportunities for different countries with the province and the potential
Ambassadors from Thailand and Peru also delivered a speech and expressed their opinion about the province and future plans of cooperation.