Opening-up promotes the development of Hubei by Muhammad Zamir Asadi

Opening-up promotes the development of Hubei

Wuhan, June 23 – Hubei the province of central China recorded GDP amounted to 3.2 trillion Yuan up by 8.1 % to 2015 by closely following the President Xi’s guidelines for developing a region into a strategic stand in the rise of central China, said by Xinqiao Yan, deputy director general of Hubei foreign affairs office.
In a briefing to journalists of South Asian and South East Asian nations, Dai told thatHubei enterprises achieved 7.48 billion US dollars in terms of new contracts with countries along the “Belt and Road”, completing a turnover of 3.38 billion US dollars.
He told that the province strives to promptly tap into the opportunities brought about by major national strategies including the Belt and Road initiative, development of Yangtze Economic Belt by implementing “go global” strategy.
He said that province takes initiative in becoming an integral part of new phase of all round two way opening up with links running eastward and westward over land and sea to foster new driving forces.
He also added that fixed asset investment reached 2.95 trillion Yuan, up by 13.1 % and added value of industries above designated scale increased by 8 % including service industry grew by 9.5 % last year.
In 2016, Hubei enterprises directly invested in 25 projects of the countries along the “Belt and the Road”, Xinqiao introduced.
In 2016, Hubei cultivated new business and economic momentum in opening up and gained good performance, the actual use of foreign investment in the province exceeded 10 billion U.S. dollars mark for the first time; the world top 500 enterprising coming to Hubei totaled 254, ranking first in central China; the Hubei Free Trade Pilot Zone has been approved.
In addition, Hubei opened eight international airlines, and the China-Europe(Wuhan) freight trains were sent out 244 times, shipping 20,000 TEUs of goods.
In 2017, Hubei continued to promote supply-side structural reform and accelerate the construction of Hubei Free Trade Area.
Statistics showed, in 2016, Hubei saw a rapid growth in exports of mechanical and electrical, high-tech and some traditional products. The exports of mobile phones topped others with 20.65 billion yuan, up 37 percent, followed by the clothes with 15.7 billion, up 9.2 percent, tablet computers with 5.38 billion yuan, up 18.9 percent, integrated circuits with 3.5 billion yuan, up 9.2 percent, pharmaceutical products with 3.48 billion yuan, up 15.7 percent, and liquid crystal display panels with 920 million yuan, up 19.8 percent.
While talking about the agriculture industry, he added that the comprehensive mechanization for major crops have exceeded 65% while the number of new agriculture business entities has reached 164,000.
Income of main business in agriculture processing industry surpassed one trillion Yuan, ranking at the 5th place in the country.
Xinqiao also told that province received a total of 570 million person-times of tourists and achieved a total revenue of 487 billion Yuan which marked an increase of 12 % and 13 % respectively.
At the briefing, director of Asian affairs division, Dai Ping added that the province enjoys the significant relations with South Asian and South East Asian countries and trade volume with these states was on the rise.
He communicated that One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative has provided numerous opportunities for the province to tap potential of trade with these countries.
Provincial officials have visited these countries to enhance the bilateral trade relations under OBOR initiative as the province was playing a vital role in economic integration