Wuhan-Europe freight trains take the lead by Muhammadi Zamir Asadi

Wuhan-Europe freight trains take the lead

Wuhan, June 27 – Freight trains loaded with “made in China” products leading towards Europe have been on rise form last many year as only central China city Wuhan departed 122 trains on the route in 2016.
Journalists from South Asian and South East Asian countries had an opportunity to visit Wuhan Asia Europe (WAE) logistics starting point which started freight train service towards Europe on April 23rd,2014.
In a briefing to the journalists, it was told that 30 % rise in freight train trade was observed in last year as compared to 2015.
The trains departing from Wuhan travel towards Europe having the destinations of Malaszewicze,Poland, Hamburg,Germany, Duisburg,Germany and Lyon,France,via Duisburg.
Cargo trains travelling towards different European destinations complete their journey in about 11 to 15 days by average. It is noted that Wuhan-Poland (10-11) days, Wuhan-Germany (12-13) days, Wuhan-Lyon (16-17) days for the travel which saves 50 % time as compared to the sea route.
It is reported that China-Europe train carrying electronic components, food and beverage, garment and mechanical products manufactured in China goes to several European countries more than 10,000 km away.

According to local railway authorities, there were just 23 such trains in 2014. The figure surged to 92 in 2015. Currently there are 12 routes connecting Wuhan with Germany, Poland, Czech and Central Asian countries, the most among the 40 Chinese cities that have launched the service.

In the meantime, returning trains loaded with timber from Russia, milk from Belarus, wine from France and meat products from Germany, are increasing.

The southern and Northern lines of Wuhan Europe trains have connected more than 60 cities of 28 Belt and Road (B&R) countries.
This route has its own reefer containers equipped with diesel generator that can transport goods in an off-line mode for 20 days. The tracking GPS system provides 24-hours monitoring of the containers, location and temperature.
The radius of 1200 KM of Wuhan, these freight trains cover 90% of the GDP and 85 % of the population in China.
It has profound influence of developing an international industrial cluster, making the city centers of international logistics, shipping and trading.
WAE have been developing a plan to focus on international cold chain transport, trade and commerce with B&R countries.
In terms of route development, WAE testing the feasibility of a new route directly to the middle Europe and Mediterranean area.
In order to offer more value-added services for the clients, WAE will build a pivot system for collecting and distribution that bases on domestic and international logistics parks, distribution centers and multimodal transports.