Tianjin ready to host national games of China by Muhammad Zamir Asadi

Tianjin ready to host national games of China

Tianjin, August 14: The northeastern port city of China, Tianjin was ready to host the prestigious 13th national games of China starting from August 27th, learned the media delegation from South Asian and South East Asian countries here in the metropolitan Polo club.
In a briefing to the journalists, it was told that as the starting date for the games was very near, the citizens were very excited to witness the games and to welcome the players from all over the China in their city.
The city was well prepared to host the national games which have produced the quality athletes who have presented China on international level and have won the marvelous success in the various games by defeating international athletes.
It is expected that there will be more than 10,000 athletes competing in various events for their pride with more than 4,000 sports officials and 5,000 technical officials while the hundreds of media representative will also cover the event for their audience as it is considered as “China’s Olympics” inaugurated in 1959 and held at every four years.
The games include 341 items under 42 sub-categories and 31 major categories which will last 13 days all together.
The mascot “Jinwa” is designed in the distinctive local style of Yangliuqing New Year paintings and this baby holds a torch whose flame is in the shape of the number “13” denoting the 13th national games.
The local government was also well prepared to provide the best facilities to the players and the travelers who will arrive Tianjin to witness the national games.
The event will invite thousands of visitors from all over the country which will also give boom the local economy and the business community have stepped up to play their role for providing better services to travelers including the hoteling chains.
The travelers and the players have a great opportunity to visit the European style houses, municipal buildings and Wudadao (five great avenues), including the “Eye of Tianjin” who already have attracted millions of visitors in the city time by time.
General Manger of the Metropolitan Polo Club, Domenico Palumbo told to the journalists that, it took 16 months to prepare this venue as they wanted to become the part of this sports event.
He told that this club was established back in 2010 and four major events hosted here have also attracted number of audience taking interest in the horse riding and the games.
This club contains 180 stables with extra ordinary facilities as very expensive horses will be taking part in these events and it is their priority to provide them best facilities.
The riders treat their horses as a family member so the surface developed here was perfect as it is not damaging in any sense for horse.
It was also told the horses who will be taking part in different games will arrive here two weeks before the games for adjusting in the environment and training purposes.
He hoped that 40 horses with 135 players will participate in these horse riding relating competitions including Polo.
He briefed that the club have two fields like south and North which were very ready for hosting and welcoming the participants.
The journalists from South Asia and Southeast Asia also visited the man-made beach at Dongjiang Bay which will serve as venue for beach volleyball and sailing competitions.
Tianjin City has prepared 21 new venues, 15 reconstructed ones, 11 existing venues for the national games.
It will be largest comprehensive sports event ever hosted in Tianjin aims to benefit people and promote healthy China
It was learnt that Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong has also visited the national games venues and called for high-quality preparations for this summer’s National Games during an inspection tour.
The historical national games of China will be wrapping up on September 8th starting from August 27th.