Tianjin port paving way for OBOR initiative by Muhammad Zamir Asadi

Tianjin port paving way for OBOR initiative

Tianjin, August 16: The Northeastern port of China located in Tianjin paving a sustainable way for the development of One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative and strengthening its connection to the Middle East, West Africa, West America, East America and Europe, learned media delegation of journalists comprising of South Asian and South East Asian countries.
The representative of Tianjin port briefed the journalists about its role in collaborative development of Beijing-Hebei-Tianjin region, construction of pilot free trade zone, accelerate the development and opening up of Binhai new area and national demonstration area.
Tianjin port is the largest comprehensive port in northern China possessing the specialized terminals respectively for containers, iron ore, coal, coke, crude oil and petrochemical products, steel, machinery, ro-ro vehicles, LNG bulk grain and international cruise was told to the journalists.
There are totally 176 various berths in this port, including 122 berths over 10,000 tons considered to be the coastal ports with the most complete functions in China.
He told that last year, the cargo throughput of Tianjin port broke through 550 million tons, ranked number 5 in the world while it contains eight port areas namely North port, East port, South port, Dagukou, Gaoshaling, Dagang, Beitang and Haihe river port.
The port has broad international connection as it has trade relation with more than 500 ports in over 180 countries and regions.
The representative also told that with its 120 container services, every month there are about 550 scheduled vessels connecting with main ports in the world.
With the traditional advantages of shipping, infrastructure and quay line, the public port infrastructure of north port and south port will be further strengthened and the business of shipping trade, port agency, commodity trading, modern logistics, industrial distribution, fuel supply and vessel service and to build the demonstrative area of port transformation and upgrade.
The southern area of Harbor economic area will undertake the operation of domestic container, roro vehicle and breakbulk cargo, focusing on terminal operation and comprehensive logistics, high end equipment manufacturing, new health and new energy material industry.
In 2016, Tianjin Port Group opened many routes including 10 container routes to European destinations such as Minsk and Moscow, thus enlarging the number of routes to Tangshan, Huanghua, Qinghuangdao and Caofeidian and laying a foundation for the belt and road initiative.
Tianjin port will support it in opening new routes and publicizing the increased container capacity for promoting trade and economic development.
As per the data available, in 2015, the port-and-rail transport in Tianjin Port handled 310,000 TEUs while it handled 151,000 TEUs in the first six months of 2016, up 22.5 percent from the first half of last year.
It was told that in order to promote the further opening up of Tianjin East free trade port area was approved by state council on 31 August, 2006. The total area of Tianjin east free trade port area is 10 KM square, the first phase of 4 KM square was completed in 2007, and the whole area was completed in August 2012.