Tianjin sports museum reflects journey of Olympics by Muhammad Zamir Assadi

Tianjin sports museum reflects journey of Olympics

Tianjin , August 19: The Tianjin Dagon Olympic Museum narrating the journey of Olympics was ready to welcome the athletes and visitors of the 13th national games to be held in the city starting from August 27th-September 8.
The media delegation from South Asian and South East Asian countries paid a visit to the museum, conceived and designed by renowned architect and International Olympic Committee member Ching-Kuo Wu.
The representative of the museum told to the journalists that it was an honor for Tianjin to have a marvelous museum who is a home to extensive collection about the history of Olympics.
The building of the museum spread around 3,000 square meters contains two floors as the 1st is all about promotion and communication to the public, with a multimedia conference hall and the 2nd floor is dedicated for the history of Olympics to the modern day games
Exhibits include over 600 items like torches, medals, stamps, badges, coins and mascots, each one a small piece of the story of the Olympic Games over the decades and ancient Chinese bronze percussion instrument used at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics Games.
Visitors can also find out about the fascinating story of all those – from great athletes and famous faces to ordinary sports fans – who firmly believe that the Olympic movement helps make the world a better place.
It was told that the museum in Tianjin is an inspiration to the citizens and the local sports players to be a part of Olympics and to win the pride for China.
Tianjin is proud to contribute the promotion of Olympic culture, its history and art, told museum representative as it is a fascinating for Olympic fans.
The most inspiring collection of the museum was the picture of 1st Chinese athlete Liu Chang Chun who was the only player in 1932 games when China first time participated in the Olympics.
Liu travelled to Los Angles Olympic games by travelling from sea as it exhausted him in all of the tiring journey but he managed to run in 100 meter and 200 meter race although he could not manage any victory but his participation opened the doors for Chinese to the Olympics.
It was also interesting to know about that after the founding of Peoples Republic of China, Olympics association invited only one day ago before the start of Olympic Games however Chinese athletes managed to arrive in Finland for becoming a part of these games.
The museum also exhibited 9 gold medals won by the Chinese athletes from Tianjin particularly in 2008 Olympic Games which were hosted first time in China.
The museum also highlights the introduction of the other games in China like Basketball and others and the splendid victories of Chinese athletes in these events.