China Cultural Centre is organizing ‘‘Exhibition of Chinese Tea, Silk & Porcelain’’ which will take place in the Exhibition Gallery of China Cultural Centre situated at PNCA (5th floor) on 27th August, 2017. This occasion will remain open for general public till the morning of 29th August, 2017.

Cultural Counselor Mr. You Yi will inaugurate the ‘‘Exhibition of Chinese Tea, Silk & Porcelain’’ along with other distinguished guests. The event will offer a platform for visitors to interact directly with the Chinese Tea Masters and to acquire about Chinese Silk embroidery, Longquan jade green celadon, different handicrafts techniques of porcelain art.

Tea drinking oriented in China and spread throughout the world and has always been an important Chinese export. Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang Province. It is the hometown of silk & tea, “a city of culture and tourists resort”. Here, modern civilization along with ancient traditions interweave just perfectly, while the natural and cultural landscape add charms to each other to form a long-standing, harmonious, sophisticated regional culture.

Tea, Silk and Porcelain are the three original inventions of the Chinese ancestors. Porcelain, also called “china,” is a type of clay pottery that was invented in China by using clay with special minerals. These are the great contribution made by the Chinese nation to mankind outside the “Four Great Inventions” and have distinct Chinese cultural characteristics in the world of culture and human civilization.

Silk has its own unique characteristics. It is shiny, lustrous, soft yet strong. It can be beautifully and brilliantly dyed in various colors. You can witness that the silk products displayed in` this exhibition reflect the beauty, cultural value and importance to Chinese People. Chinese embroidery and longquan celadon on the exhibition and demonstrating of handicrafts techniques.

Chinese tea is classified into five categories according to the different methods by which it is processed:These categories include Green tea, Black tea, Wulong tea, compressed tea and Scented tea. During the festivity visitors will also enjoy the wonderful tea ceremony and have the chance to taste different kinds of Chinese tea. We expect to bring a feast of eyes to everyone and warmly welcome those who are attracted to Zhejiang.