BRICS plus on the cards to enhance circle of friends by Muhammad Zamir Asadi

BRICS plus on the cards to enhance circle of friends

Xiamen , September 2nd: The upcoming BRICS Summit is will derive the way forward for practical and comprehensive cooperation between member countries and other emerging economies, said Jiang Zengwei, director of the organizing committee of the BRICS Business Forum 2017 and Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade(CCPIT).

While addressing to a huge gathering of journalists here at BRICS media center, Jiang said that the summit has a significant role to play in revival of sluggish global economy with enhancing the circle of friends to convert it into BRICS Plus.

He told that president Xi Jinping will deliver a key note speech which will focus on a progress made by member countries Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa in the last decade.

He said that a successful decade has paved a way forward from this decade towards the other and international community was focusing on the debates to be held here in summit .

Xi will host a meeting of BRICS leaders, discussing the world economy, global governance, international and regional hotspot issues and national security and development, he went on saying.

The BRICS forum is an important event for BRICS leaders to meet each year, organised by the BRICS Presidency, is an important platform for the BRICS business community to exchange discussions on hot issues of common concern, to rally consensus and to develop policy statements.
He also told that, larger meeting will focus on deepening cooperation and promoting cultural and people-to-people exchanges, as well as enhancing institution building.

He added that leaders from five other emerging markets and developing countries-Egypt, Guinea, Mexico, Tajikistan and Thailand-will attend the Dialogue of Emerging Markets and Developing Countries during the summit and engage in dialogue with the BRICS members.
The dialogue will focus on deepening cooperation and promoting common development, and a statement will be released on the outcomes achieved on implementing a sustainable development agenda, promoting South-South cooperation, building partnerships and improving global governance, he also noted.

The BRICS leaders will also attend the opening ceremony of the BRICS Cultural Festival and Photo Exhibition, a meeting of the BRICS Business Council .

China expects outcomes in several areas, including strengthening economic and security cooperation, increasing cultural and people-to-people exchanges and enhancing institution building, as well as promoting stronger partnerships with other emerging market countries and developing countries, he said.

“It is in the interests of all sides to strengthen cooperation among emerging markets and developing countries through the BRICS platform”, he also told.

This forum will focus on the promotion of marine science and technology to innovation-led development, the way of ocean development is to recycle, to explore the application of new technology in the development of marine resources, to strengthen the construction of port infrastructure, the experience, development strategy and cooperation opportunities in the blue economy of industries such as oil and gas, shipping, iron and steel, energy and chemical industry.