BRICS to enhance cultural exchanges for enhancing common understanding, Bureau Report


Xiamen, September 3rd: Xie Jinying, Director General from the department for external cultural relations of the ministry of culture has said that cultural exchanges were important to build equitable relationship for brighter future among BRICS member countries.
While addressing a huge press briefing here at media center at the eve of BRICS summit, he said that BRICS nations must boost cultural cooperation to have a better understanding of each other and cultural integration.
He said that, cultural exchanges always play significant role for developing close contacts and bridging the gaps.
He noted that leaders of BRICS nations have a high attention on cultural exchange cooperation for the development of common thoughts and approaches as it is important for developing friendship between people of member countries.
He told that common agenda of BRICS leaders is to develop common understanding to promote practical cooperation by cultural exchanges among member countries.
He mentioned that 1st meeting between cultural ministers of BRICS was held in 2015 where they agreed to promote exchanges and develop practical relationship.
In this year, BRICS cultural ministers met in Tianjin and agreed to establish a cultural area helpful for enhancing understanding.
He also added that BRICS nations have developed alliances of arts, museums, cultural institutions which also have attention of the international community.
He also told that China maintains frequent cultural exchanges with the member countries and it has various kinds of cooperation with different member countries.
He mentioned that during this BRICS summit citizens of Xiamen will be having a great opportunity to witness colorful and unique cultures of member countries in which 200 participants of BRICS nations will be representing their traditional culture.