Splendid Jiangxi welcoming the world by Muhammad Zamir Asadi Bureau Report BATIE GHAR

Splendid Jiangxi welcoming the world

Beijing, September 13: Foreign Minister of China Wang Yi successful BRICS summit has shown the bright path of our journey ahead developing the consensus between member countries on various issues.
While addressing at the Jiangxi promotional event at ministry of foreign affairs, he said that BRICS summit held in Xiamen have cultivated a fruitful results.
He said that Jiangxi province was having a beautiful landscape with beautiful traditional cultural people carrying the food memories of the development.
He said that Chinese soviet republic was founded here in 1931 which was also known as unique revolutionary features.
Recently announced C919 Jumbo Jet was also developed in this province as its city of Ganzhou have also become a transit trade route to Europe, he went on saying.
He told that the province have become a major ground for opening up policies having top 66 companies of world working there.
While addressing to the gathering of foreign diplomats, the provincial governor Liu qi told that beautiful Jiangxi have beautiful stories to share with the world.
The province have 63 % of forests with rich cultural heritage attracting the international community having the unique long march spirit.
He said that the province has efficient and convenient business environment while under the new normal of economy the main development areas include new manufacturing economy, new service economy green economy, smart economy and sharing economy.
There are 14 national engineering technology research centers and key laboratories which are helping in robust innovative development.
He noted that “Made in Jiangxi”, “Built by Jiangxi”, “With the assistance of Jiangxi” have become the name cards of Jiangxi’s opening up.
He added that 66 enterprises of fortune 500 have operated and invested in Jiangxi while it has also developed economic and trade ties with over 220 countries and regions, and has established sister cities of 35 countries.
He also told that there are 17 national level development zones while every county is connected by the express ways helping in economic development of the province.
He shared that “one may not find enough herb-medicines until he comes to Zhangshu, and herb-medicines may not work so well unless they are from Zhagsu”.
He also added that Jiangxi is reputed as the “Tungsten capital of the world”, the “Lithium capital of Asia” and “Copper capital of China” and “Land of Rare Earths”.