She Shan village of Jiangxi sets example of poverty alleviation By Muhammad Zamir Asadi Bureau Reproter BATIE GHAR


Jinggangshan, September 30: The precise poverty alleviation measures implemented in Jinggangshan have helped miraculously to lift its local village of Shen Shan out of poverty in only a year, learned the delegation of journalists.
The delegation of journalists from South Asian and South East Asian countries visited the village to have a deep insight of fruitful impacts generated by precise poverty alleviation campaign.
While briefing to the journalists, Liu Xiaoquan, party secretary of township government told journalists that the city was home to the first rural base set up by China’s revolutionary forces nearly 90 years ago.
In the initial months of last year, President Xi Jinping visited this village before spring festival and talked about the precise measures for successful poverty alleviation.
He told that policies for poverty alleviation in the village were made as per the needs of individual households which have created the positive impact.
He added that by precise policies root cause of poverty was addressed which was the path of success in this targeted campaign.
He noted that although this village have been lifted out of poverty however 21 households have been highlighted having 55 people in the village were still living under poverty line.
More effective and precise policies were also being implemented for the remaining families to lift them from poverty line and to give them a better life, he went on saying.
He also added that local government was working on three fronts to lift the remaining people out of poverty including to help in growing economy, providing affordable houses and social security.
Villagers have different sources of income like they can rent out their land to the enterprise and can also work on these lands as this process gives them dual opportunities of income.
Communist Party of China was very sure that the people living in revolutionary bases must be taken out of poverty and these areas must move ahead simultaneously.
Medical insurance, pension, commercial insurance, subsistence assistance, better education to the families are being provided including other supporting policies.
He mentioned that, precise policies have changed the lives of people and now they were very optimist about their future.
He also shared historic information that Chairman Mao Zedong also had his office here during the days of revolution in 1927-1929.
Zuo Xiufa shared her story of getting out of poverty with a smiling face and she was confident that future will be much better.
She shared that President Xi visited her office during the visit to village and had a talk about 20 minutes and they have a confidence that government was doing their best to assist poor people.
She said that now she was able to earn more than 60,000 RMB per year with her business and she was thankful to the precise policies adopted by the local government.