Hantang vegetable industrial park playing effective role in poverty alleviation BY Muhammad Zamir Asadi Bureau Reporter


Ganzhou, October 2: Vegetable industrial park of Hantang village established in 2016 with the investment of 500 million Yuan was playing an effective role in the poverty eradication in Ganzhou and also attracting the domestic tourists, learned delegation of journalists comprising of South Asian and South East Asian countries.
The journalists were briefed that central government have established supporting policies for uplifting of the revolutionary bases from the poverty, said the representative of industrial park.
The park was set up in 2016 with the supervision of Shandong province technology following their expertise and effective outcome, said the representative.
He said that the park also includes research production of center which was working on modern processing of vegetables.
The park was following 1+2+3 mechanism which helps in supporting industry sector and increasing the income of each house hold while demonstration project plan was assisting impoverished families to strengthen their economic condition.
He also added that the park was established on 60,000 square meter area having the controlled temperature required for growth of vegetables and fruits here, he went on saying.
More than 400 house hold were working in the industrial park out of which 70 % have been taken out of poverty with the consistence efforts.