OBOR conforms development needs of countries along Silk Road BY Muhammad Zamir Asadi Bureau Reporter


Dunhuang, Gansu: Minister of culture of the People’s Republic of China Luo Shugang said that Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) conforms to the development needs of countries and regions along the Silk Road, contains a major strategic vision of building a community of common interests, destiny and responsibilities.
While addressing to the opening ceremony of Silk Road international cultural expo, Luo said Dunhuang is the intersection of the world’s four major civilizations meet and blend.
From thesplendid unhuang cultural heritage , what we see more is the colorfulness of cultural diversity, the integrated development for cultural inclusion and the common progress for mutual learning in culture, he went on saying.
He also said that Dunhuang is shining with new charms and focuses on creating a new corridor on the Silk Road, a new channel of cooperation, and a new tie for human civilization.
He added that this year, the 2nd Silk Road cultural expo brings together 124 delegates from 51 countries and 3 international and regional organizations in Dunhuang to showcase their outstanding cultural achievements and discuss plans in exchange and cooperation, a vivid reflection of implementing President Xi’s claim laid in Belt and Road forum for international cooperation as well as the concept of win-win cooperation put forward in the event,
The key to sound relations between states lies in their people who are close to each other, which largely stems from mutual understanding.
History tells us that ideological identification, integration of ideas and emotional closeness are the basis of cooperative development, with its roots in mutual understanding, mutual recognition and mutual inclusiveness in terms of culture, minister shared with the audience.
He noted, strengthening cultural and ideological exchanges and promoting world peace and development. After more than five thousand years of vicissitudes came down in one continuous line, the Chinese civilization is accumulated with the deepest spiritual pursuit of the Chinese nation.
In the long term friendly exchanges with all nations in the world including the countries along the Silk Road , the Chinese nation brings efforts to promote the world peace with the good vision of the world as a community and harmonious coexistence , embraces and learns from the cultures of other nations in an open and inclusive mind, and respects and tolerates the cultural differences with the concept of harmony without uniformity, and shares the achievements of civilization with the view of goodwill and benefitting all.
These inherent genes bred by excellent traditional Chinese cultures have become the unique spiritual logos of the Chinese nation.
While addressing to the huge gathering, Jiang Zengwei , Chairman of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade( CCPIT) said that the cultural expo is becoming an important engine to lead the development of Chinese Cultural industry and generate new business forms.
He said that, it has become an important platform for investment and financing of major projects as well as exhibitions and trade in the Chinese cultural industry.
This year, the CCPIT has organized nearly 500 enterprises from more than 20 Belt and Road countries to participate in the expo and the exhibition area has exceeded 10,000 square meters.