Beijing stepping ahead for hosting winter Olympics 2022 BY Muhammad Zamir Asadi Bureau Reporter


Beijing stepping ahead for hosting winter Olympics 2022
Beijing, October 3: Xiao Junfung , Director of Beijing Municipal Information Office said that Beijing has mobilized great social attention, support and participation to the preparation of the upcoming Beijing Olympic Winter Games 2022.
While addressing to foreign journalists, Xiao said that President Xi advocates that “the principle of participated, contributed and shared by all should be followed in order to strive for a positive social effect of the Olympic Winter Games”.
The organizing committee of Beijing 2022 earnestly abides by such requirement and regards public participation as a key priority, he said.
Xiao told organizing committee has mobilized numerous resources and platforms to encourage greater public participation.
Through interactive hands-on activities, public selection of games emblem, theme exhibition and lectures and by beginning winter sports to campus, the organizing committee has spread knowledge about Winter Olympics and raised the public awareness that “we are all hosts to the games”.
In order to bring winter sports to school campus, Haidian district cultivated two batches of pilot schools for winyter sports following the process of application, one site review and scoring.
At present Haidian district has a total of 31 winter sport pilot schools, in which 23 are primary schools and 8 are middle schools.
In total, more than 90,000 students have participated in winter sports while in mid-September this year, Haidian district will cultivate another batch of such pilot schools.
Haidian supports the development of winter sports among schools and has designated a special budget within the district’s education system.
Haidian encourages schools to open winter sports curriculum, set up winter sports teams, hire professional trainers and further tap the skating rink resources available nearby and set up outdoor courses such as skiing, skating and ice hockey.
In 2015, Cuiwei Primary School was enlisted as one of the first batch of pilot schools for winter sports in Haidian district, he went on saying.
With the advent of 2022 Olympic winter games, Cuiwei has answered the call of the CPC central committee by setting up skating courses in the school and forming a “ Wolf Warrior” Ice hocey team.
Winter sports have opened a door for students to participate in ice and snow sports. Skiing courses are set up in Cuiwei’s North Campus and skating courses are set up in its South Campus, all 5,000 students are learning skating and skiing courses and gaining knowledge about ice and snow sports.
Cuiwei primary school is actively responding to the calls of President Xi and is preparing for Beijing 2022 by cultivating qualified volunteers.

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