BRI gains warm response of international community BY Muhammad Zamir Asadi Bureau Reporter


BRI gains warm response of international community

Dunhuang, Gansu: Lili, the member of the standing committee of Jiuquan Municipal party committee, the chief of propaganda department of the committee has said that Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) proposed by President Xi Jinping got the high attention and warm response of international community.
While addressing to foreign and Chinese media professionals gathered here to attend “One Belt One Road Media Cooperation Forum” said that, the People’s Daily successively has held the Silk Road Economic Belt Medias Cooperation Forum and BRI news media cooperation forum , which provides an important platform for international medias in information spreading , enhancing mutual trust , gathering consensus, pragmatic cooperation and plays an important role in promoting national development , communicating public opinions , deepening understanding and mutual trust and BRI construction.
She also said that Dunhuang is the key junction, the birth place of oil industry and also the first national ten million-gigawatt wind electricity base, solar power demonstration base and the new energy equipment manufacture base.
Dunhuang locates in the west end of Hexi Corridor , which controls one district , two cities and four counties with population of 1.1 million , around 42 ethnics such as Han, Hui, Mongolian and Kazak, the total area of 192,000 km square , taking 42 % of the total area of Gansu province, she went on saying.
She describes the city as the charming tourist attractions, having famous tourist resources such as Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, Mingsha Mountain and moon crescent spring, west Han dynasty Jiuquan Tourist attractions relics and Jiuquan satellite launching center.
Having unique climate condition, so it is also the important base of commercial grain, melons and vegetables, the most dominant base of elite breeding, seeds multiplication of foreign trade.
She noted that the deposit of varied minerals such as petroleum, asbestos, tungsten, chromium, magnesite and gold ranks the front in Gansu even domestically.
Especially in new energy industry, the total reserves of wind energy resources amount to 200 M kw , the exploitable reserves of it over 80 M kw, which takes 1/7 of the national volume.
With its territory, the two counties Yumen and Guanzhou have a nick name as the world wind room and the world wind mouth.
For many years, all parts of society, especially news Medias have been caring for Jiuquan’s development, strongly promoting the significant changes and achievements , playing an important role in the development of Jiuquan, meanwhile , creating the good public opinions environment of outside.
The ancient Silk Road runs thousands and thousands miles, already lasts for thousands of years.