China committed for wild life conservation BY Muhammad Zamir Asadi Bureau Reporter


China committed for wild life conservation

Beijing, October 3: Wildlife resources are important strategic bio-resources in China while careful planning was prepared to make best use of available resources, said representative of wild life department.
While addressing to the South Asian journalists, representative told that wild life conservation was a top priority in China.
Priorities among different conservation strategies are also an important consideration as protected areas and captive breeding programs can be considered as two tactics from a range of options which differ in intensity of management, cost and effectiveness, he went on saying.
It was told that China has regulations for conservation of wild flora, regulation for implementation of conservation of terrestrial wild life, regulation on management of importation and exportation of wild Fauna and Flora, regulation on management of nature reserves, regulation on management of nature reserves of forests and wild life.
It was also told that protection of endangered species was always top agenda so regulation of utilization, stricter monitoring and law enforcement was followed.
In the policies, requirements for government to play key roles while participation of non-government organizations and other social sides are encouraged.
Government was also working on enhancement of public education, expansion of international cooperation while key attention paid to illegal wild life trade.
It was added, establishment of NRs started in 1950s while by the end of 2015, there were 2740 NRs established among of which there were 446 national NRs.
Total area of all NRs in China has reached 147 million which covered all kinds of ecosystems and provide effective protection for 85 % wild population of wild life under national key protection.
Implementation of special program for salvation of endangered species was followed while field survey of wild life population was running.
Breeding in captivity of and trade in protected wild life can be legally under taken only with special permits issued by wild life authorities, he went on saying.
Special permits for the activities concerning trade in protected wild life can be issued only after checking of the legality of their sources by wild life authorities.
A series of measures following the issue of the permits, including designating sites, special labeling systems, inspection and information data base was developed.
The above measures ensure effective identification of wildlife and their products of illegal sources from legal activities.
According to laws and regulations of China, activities concerning sale, purchase, commercial use, transportation, personal carrying of protected wildlife or their products should be with permits issued by wild life authorities.
The laws and regulations of China prescribe severe penalties for those who offend the above legal requirements , from confiscating the wild life or other products, fining up to 10 times of the actual value of concerned goods.
Six authorities responsible for wild life law enforcement established a coordinated group specially focusing on CITES enforcement in 2011.
The state council approved establishment of the inter-ministerial joint conference against illegal wild life which was very helpful.