Yumen wind and solar energy power project accelerates new energy production BY Muhammad Zamir Assadi Bureau Reporter


Gansu, October 11: The Sanshilijingzi wind and solar energy power grid integrated verification demonstration project of Yumen Clou New Energy earnestly implementing the nation’s Belt & Road Initiative and accelerating the pace of new energy construction and explore the way of removing the development bottleneck of new energy about curtailing wind energy and solar energy as well as limiting electric energy, learned the delegation of Asian journalists on the visit to Dunhuang.
The representative of the energy project briefed the journalists that it is a major investment project introduced by Yumen Municipal party committee and Yumen Municipal government successfully.
Invested and built by Shenzhen Clou electronics, the project is the first commercial pilot project of energy storage in China and the first wind and solar energy grid power integrated verification demonstration project in Gansu province.
With a total investment of 280 million Yuan and a total area of 600 Mu, the project is designed to build a 15 MW photovoltaic power generation and a 10 MW energy storage system, and to plan to access the existing 10 MW wind power.
After the completion of the project, its annual power generation capacity will reach about 22.50 million KWH and 20 million Yuan sales revenue.
The project, relying on the platform of the Nation al Energy Administration’s scalization in renewable energy storage and synchronization engineering laboratory, extends the power supply hours of new energy power plants by energy storage technology.
With the main utilization n of wind power, photovoltaic and energy storage to realize a complementary effect, the energy real-time management system, megawatt-level energy storage technology, power margin pre-judgement control technology have made the second grade regulation of energy storage possible.
Thus the project has effectively stabilized the new energy power fluctuation and grid connection so that the new energy can be scheduled and controlled to conduct technical and economical verification on the challenge of the curtailment of wind and solar energy and limiting electric power.
These efforts have provided valuable hands-on experience, technical reference, data accumulation and scientific basis for the follow-up multi-energy supplementary application in Yumen, Jiuquan and even whole province.
The journalists also visited Zhangzhi industrial park which aims to carry out the “building the heritage innovation zone of Huaxia civilization” to construct the great Dunhuang cultural tourism economic circle, accelerate the development of the country’s cultural industry and comprehensively enhance urban cultural taste.
Based on the advantages of county cultural resources, it is a large scale cultural industrial park and urban leisure park which integrates calligraphy, leisure, entertainment, tourism, assembly, exhibition and communication.