Zongzhai Gobi agricultural industrial park leading mass production BY Muhammad Zamir Assadi Bureau Reporter


Gansu, October 11: Zongzhai Gobi agricultural industrial park has become the first agricultural industrial park that demonstrates the application of soil-less culture techniques on non-arable farmland in northwestern China, learned the delegation of Asian journalists on the visit to Dunhuang.
The representative of agricultural park told the visiting journalists that Zongzhai Gobi agricultural industrial park is not only one of the core national modern agricultural demonstration zones in Suzhou district but also the first agricultural industrial park that demonstrates the application of soil-less culture techniques.
He said that the park is designed to cover an area of 10,000 Chinese Mu with a total investment of 102 million RMB.
With the investment, the essential infrastructures such as water supply system, power supply and road networks have been developed and 1032 high standard solar green houses have been constructed, formulating a pollution-free vegetable production base of about 3500 Chinese Mu, he went on saying.
In the construction of this park, 17 advanced practical technologies have been integrated such as organic ecological soil-less cultivation, hole tray seedling matrix, drone pollination, fertigation, smart gathering vehicles and intelligent greenhouse control system.
The integration of these innovating technologies paves the way for the park to achieve industrial seedling, mass production and marketing branding.
As a result, this agricultural industrial park is accredited as national the transformation of agricultural scientific and technological achievements into payoffs, this park also distinguishes itself with National Department of Agriculture authorizes it to be eco-organic soil-less culture demonstration base on non-arable land.
Ministry of Science and technology of China awards it with the title of Greenhouse vegetable Industrial park of national standard.
All China Women’s federation entitles it as All China heroic women’s modern agricultural demonstration zone.
It has made full use of the idle Gobi desert as productive land resources. The agricultural industrial park does not occupy any arable land makes a major breakthrough to resolve the land dilemma between food production and vegetable production.
It has economized the usage of water resources to a large extent. Due to the application of micro-spraying drip irrigation technology, the water consumption of each green house in the park has been reduced by 25 % , making the usage of our limited water resources more scientific and efficient.
It has produced great economic profitability. Crop rotation in the Gobi desert greenhouses is carried out scientifically, assuring the continual production of crop all through the year .
As a result annual income of each green house in the park can reach at least 30,000 Yuan , which is nearly 30 % higher than average green house.
As high production and economic efficiency have been confirmed, a new mechanism to effectively increase farmer’s income becomes available and it can guarantee the high quality production of vegetables.
Owing to the organic soil-less cultivation eco-technology and physical pest control technology, the greenhouse vegetable produced in the park pose no pollution to the environment as they are free from soil-borne diseases, which in turn ensure the high quality and profitability of our greenhouse vegetables.