CHINA CULTURAL CENTER IN PAKISTAN Embassy of the People’s Republic of China for “The Game of Ink Wash-Painting” Cultural Reporter,Batie Ghar, Raja Kamran

CHINA CULTURAL CENTER IN PAKISTAN Embassy of the People’s Republic of China “The Game of Ink Wash-Painting”

China Cultural Center is organizing ‘‘The Game of Ink Wash-Painting’’ specialized training for children opening ceremony which will take place in the Exhibition hall of China Cultural Center situated at PNCA (5th floor) on 22 November 2017 at 4pm.
After the opening Ceremony it will remain open for Schools to visit with students and can practice in training workshop of Ink wash-Painting with artist and have an interaction.

Different schools will visit during 23rd – 27th November in between 9:30 am to 11:30 am morning.

The traditional Chinese ink wash-painting is the quintessence of China, with thousands of years of history. This training is organized In order to better inherit and carry forward this unique Chinese painting, so that children can also learn the painting process, experience the taste of ink and magic of ink, and experience the good feeling ink painting brings to people, and to stimulate children’s desire to paint.

Zhu Yong teacher has more than 30 years of teaching practice. He has developed an “ink game teaching method”, that is, “the game enters the classroom, and children’s painting carries the story” teaching method. It reflects the “people-oriented” teaching concept, breaking the traditional ink painting teaching model and techniques, so that children naturally, happily, take the initiative to accept Chinese ink wash- painting, master the basic knowledge of China, in line with the needs of children of all ages, cultivate their imagination and creativity, improve their aesthetic ability to learn interest, so that children using ink game can experience the infinite charm of Chinese painting.
Deputy Director china cultural center miss li shuo ,Artist from china will be the chief Guest and students of Batie Institute
(巴铁学院) Roots school,Beacon House,city school, ali model school, Islmabad college of Arts & science and universities student from Numl,Comsat,Ripah,Nust
are also joining us in this
*The Game of ink Wash-Painting*