CPEC: A WIN-WIN PROJECT” by Khurram Shahzad Business Reporter Batie Ghar


Islamabad: (Business Reporter)The 15th of January began with commencement of the highly anticipated seminar on “CPEC: A win-win project”. Organized by the Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution (IICR), the audience had the stupendous opportunity to witness His Excellency, Ambassador of China to Pakistan Yao Jing, whose attendance not only contributed greatly to the discussion, but elevated the spirits of the audience and diplomats alike. The collaborating partners of this seminar were ICCI and HMR group. This seminar was conducted at Islamabad Serena Hotel.

Beginning with a few recitations from the Holy Quran, the event organisers then invited Mr. Aamir Waheed, an entrepreneur, to grace the stage. He thanked his excellency and the organisers for this opportunity, and emphasised on the improvement of Pak-China Friendship with the famous slogan “Pak-China friendship, zindabad!” He stressed upon the fact that Pak-China friendship and CPEC has allowed the establishment of an even greater relationship between the two nations, and assured his audience that many developmental projects have started. In the presence of his excellency Yao Jing, Mr. Aamir Waheed stated that ICCI is ready to collaborate and work with His Excellency and China.


Haji Rafiq Pardesi, the founder of the HMR foundation, also emphasised on Pak China Friendship, and called the two nations “Iron brothers” (巴铁). Applauding the initiative, he assured his audience that CPEC is a mutually beneficial agreement which covers all the strategic areas concerning pakistan’s growth and development. Major. General Raza Muhammad continued the message, and he enlightened the diplomats and his audience with a highly prepared presentation on CPEC and its strategic importance to both countries. He highlighted the importance of the CPEC and One Belt, One Road Initiative, laying emphasis on the fact that since the partnership is a mutually beneficial agreement, it would alleviate the current situation of Pakistan, and many other countries.

The Chief Guest, none other than His Excellency Ambassador to Pakistan, Yao Jing, expressed his kind words, and thanked the organisers for inviting him to such a prestigious and insightful seminar. He firmly stated how the Chinese government and its people are determined to follow their commitments, and asked for the mutual correspondence and support. To end the event, Ms. Sabah Aslam, the director of IICR and the organiser, praised her guests for their participation and ended her note on “Long Live, Pakistan-China Friendship! “