Sahiwal Coal-fired Power Plant, The first environmental-friendly coal-fired power plant completed under CPEC by Zhang Zhen

Sahiwal Coal-fired Power Plant
Sahiwal Coal-fired Power Plant

Huaneng Shandong Ruyi Sahiwal Coal-fired Power Plant is located in Punjab province and adjacent to LBDC canal, with convenient transportation conditions. It is the first high-efficiency and environmental-friendly coal-fired power plant completed under China Pakistan Economic Corridor, with the largest unit capacity, the most advanced technology, the optimal environmental index, the fasted construction speed and the earliest commercial operations.


Sahiwal Power Plant consists of 2×660 MW supercritical coal-fired units a large jointly invested and constructed by Huaneng Shandong Power Generation Co.Ltd. and Shandong Ruyi Science & Technology Group. The project construction was started on July 31, 2015 and both units were completed and put into operation with a high standard in May and June 2017 respectively. The construction period lasted only 22 months and 8 days, which was 200 days ahead of the schedule and praised by Government of Pakistan as “a miracle in the power construction of Pakistan”. This project has been successively awarded 26 honorary titles including “Outstanding Contribution to National Grid”, “Award of the First Project Completed Commercial Operations Under CPEC” from National Transmission and Despatch Company and Government of Punjab, etc. The “Sahiwal mode” was highly recognized by both the government of China and Pakistan, and the completion and operation of Sahiwal Project was among the top ten news stories of power enterprises in China.


As a key and prioritized project under CPEC,Sahiwal Power Project has obtained special support from both Chinese and Pakistani Government. President of China Xi Jinping and the then Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif witness the signing of Energy Cooperation Strategic Framework between Huaneng Group and Punjab Province as well as the Financial Agreement of Sahiwal Project.Within less than a year, the negotiation, signing and approval of all related agreements were completed. During the project construction,by overcoming the hardships of severe climatic condition like high temperature in summer and heavy foggy weather in winter, the project company worked all out in collaboration with all contractors to advance the construction of the project in an orderly manner through meticulous organization, scientific construction and strict quality management, and finally achieved the formal operation of both units, which fulfilled Huaneng’s solemn commitment to the Government and people of Pakistan.


The water used in Sahiwal Power Plant is sourced from LBDC canal. This project adopts wet natural cooling closed cycle mode, with synchronous installation of high-efficiency electrostatic precipitator and flue gas desulfurization facilities, which has greatly elevated the technical and environmental standard of the energy industry of Pakistan. The annual energy output is expected to exceed 9 billion kWh for 10 million people’s electricity demand and fill a quarter of the power shortfall in Pakistan, which injects a strong energy impetus to local social and economic development, and effectively promoted the construction of China Pakistan Economic Corridor, with an honorary title of 10 Model Project of Belt and Road.







萨希瓦尔燃煤电站安装运行2 台66 万千瓦超临界燃煤发电机组,由华能山东发电有限公司和山东如意科技集团共同投资建设。电站于2015 年7 月正式动工,2 台机组分别于2017 年5、6 月高标准投产发电,历时22 个月零8天,比计划工期提前200 天,被巴基斯坦联邦政府称赞为“萨希瓦尔速度”、“巴基斯坦电力建设史上的奇迹”。先后被巴基斯坦国家电网公司、旁遮普政府授予“巴基斯坦国家电网杰出贡献奖”、“中巴经济走廊第一个完成商业运营奖”等二十多个奖项。“萨希瓦尔模式”得到了中巴两国政府的高度认可,项目投产发电被评为中国电力企业2017年十大新闻。


萨希瓦尔燃煤电站用水主要取LDBC 运河水源,采用湿冷自然冷却闭式循环方式,机组同步建设高效静电除尘器和烟气脱硫设施。有力提升了当地火电行业的技术、环保水平。电站投产后年发电量达90多亿千瓦时,能够满足巴基斯坦1000 万人口的用电需求,填补巴基斯坦四分之一的用电缺口,为当地经济社会发展注入了强大的能源支撑,有效推动了中巴经济走廊建设,荣获“一带一