Electricity project benefit 10 million Pakistani’s,wang Yi by Aitizaz Hassan special reporter CPEC

Electricity project benefit 10 million Pakistani's,wang Yi by Aitizaz Hassan special reporter CPEC
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held a press conference on the sidelines of the first session of China’s 13th National People’s Congress (NPC), the country’s national legislature, in Beijing on Thursday.
Wang Yi said that china is win win cooperation with region and want working on common interest in every sector with glob.
 while talking to media person wang Yi said that 10 million population of Pakistan will get the fruits of electricity due to our power project running over the neighbor country.
Wang Yi said that“ there are dozen of power projects running in Pakistan and soon the people of Pakistan country will get the benefits from those”
Chinese foreign minster said that all the projects which establish through one one initiative are ideas of high quality and high standard. And from them a huge amount of employment opportunities be created.
Wang Yi said that our new policy is to build mutual and common interest to enhance the world economy and  Chinese economic contribution.
President Xi Jinping, as the chief architect of China’s major-country diplomacy, has been personally involved in planning and conducting “brilliant” head-of-state diplomacy, Wang Yi said.