Concert in Celebration of the 67th Anniversary of China-Pakistan Diplomatic Relations by Cultural Reporter

Concert in Celebration of the 67th Anniversary of China-Pakistan Diplomatic Relations

The Chief Guest will be the Ambassador of People’s Republic of China to Pakistan                     H.E Mr. Yao Jing   and Federal Minister of States and Frontier Regions Lt General (retd) Abdul Qadir Baloch.

This event is organised by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Pakistan, China Cultural Center in Pakistan and NICE, Network of International Culture Entities.

To celebrate the 67th anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between China and Pakistan formally established on May 21, 1951.

The ties between China and Pakistan based on mutual respect and common prosperity have become the model of diplomatic relationship in the last 67 years. This relationship has captivated other nations of the region to join the “Community of Shared Destiny” and paved the way for win to win cooperation in Asia.

This activity is organized to celebrate the 67th anniversary by the performing Group of the china National Opera and Dance Drama Theater.

The Chinese Musicians will present classical music of China, most of them are popular among the Chinese public and had become the masterpieces in the treasury of Chinese classical music.

This special concert will showcase the traditional musical instruments of China such as Guzhang, Zhongruan, Pipa and a four-stringed Chinese instrument. This Group after mesmerising performance in Islamabad will also go to Peshawar to present the Classical Music of china.

Pakistani Artist will also present the traditional Musical Instruments of Pakistan, such as violist, Flute, Rubaab and Tabla. Beside this Music, Regional Dresses brings together tremendous performances of Chinese and Pakistani Artist which shows Rhythm of Unity and people to people connection between China and Pakistan, making more peace and understanding to both nations.