Confluence of Muslims Eid and Dragon Boat Festival, Great demonstration of harmony by Aitizaz Hassan (Bureau Chief, Beijing)

confluence of Muslims Eid and Dragon Boat Festival, Great demonstration of harmony by Aitizaz Hassan (Bureau Chief, Beijing)
In accordance of UN recognized observance the 18th June don’t have exceptional significance but some time the fortunate leads. On 18th une it was third day celebration of Muslim festival Eid and 1st day of dragon boat festival in all over china. I found my self very lucky to experience the confluence of these two great festivals.
 On first day of Muslim festival Eid I visited the Nanxiapo mosque, chaoyang district, Beijing. Despite of particular Muslims worship place the name of mosque is Chinese name, when enter the mosque i have surprised to see the the gathering of Chinese Muslims and specially the participation of woman. The joy of Eid festival could be easily red from there faces.  They are wearing some traditional Chinese dresses and some glimpses of Muslims outfit also there. I was treated there very specially every one grabbing me and my some Pakistani friends for taking picture with them.
Including the sermon of cleric the duration of ceremony alone and half hours on the end of worship the cleric specially pray for solidarity of china. When i came out from worship place i was entertained by some tradional Chinese food, greeted the best wishes of Eid to participant  and again the photo session of Chinese woman started with me.Itwas real surprising wondering and the occasion of happiness for me to see Muslims and Chinese cultural simultaneously.
The Nanxiapo is 400 old mosque in Beijing and there are 35000 registered mosque in entire china. 20 million Muslims also celebrated Eid in china. And I am witness that no restriction i have observed by Chinese movement in way of celebrating Muslim festival even women participated very confidentially in every ritual of eid festival..
On the third of Enid it was dragon boat festival i started my day from wishing the dragon boat greetings to my Chinese friend and in reply few friends wished me the eid greeting, it was great experience to participate practically in festival,  made the tradintional  bamboo dumplings and sataches.  i have been privilege to enjoy this ancient event of china history which was full of colors.
Having the experience of two beautiful cultural and religions event one thing is patchiness that Chinese nation is harmonious, peaceful and morally extremely sound. They are friendly and acknowledge the colors of every tradition. Because china its self is like rain bow having all the colors of civilizationand culture alive and the way that china is preserving the national inheritance is phenamenal contribution the younger generation future.
I have heard something very bad about china through western media that behavoir of Govements toward some ethnic and religious communities is indecent. but there is nothing like this. I have been in china for four month and biggest example that i want qout the combo of Eid festival and dragon boat festival. Both event give the message of peace, solidarity, love and sacrifices and Chinese people either they Muslims and non Muslims exactly reacted according the great lessons of these two events. This is avouchment of a nation that the people not only own their cultural inheritance and civilization but also respect by showing harmony to all creeds.
confluence of Muslims Eid and Dragon Boat Festival, Great demonstration of harmony by Aitizaz Hassan (Bureau Chief, Beijing)