Professor Tang Meng Sheng in Pakistan


Karachi: (Cultural Reporter)Sohail Ahmed Siddiqui, a Pakistan-based poet, writer and Founding President of Pak-China Literary Association (پاک چین بزم ادب) 中巴文学论坛 has announced the appointment of Professor Tang Meng Sheng of Peaking University (China), as the Association’s Chief Adviser in People’s Republic of China, besides offering him the honorary membership in a brief on-stage meeting, held during 11th World Urdu Conference, organised by the Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi from 22nd to 25th of November. The historic move was made by him on 24th November 2018. The senior most professor of Urdu language at the University, Professor Tang Meng Sheng has kindly shown his consensus to become the Chief Adviser of Pak-China Literary Association, wearing a bright smile on his face. Sohail Ahmed Siddiqui was accompanied by two other senior poets of Urdu, Mr. Zahid Husain, the Vice President and Mr. Shahabuddin Shahab, the Advisor of the Association, respectively.