FJWU organized a seminar on “Mental Health and Drug Abuse”

FJWU organized a seminar on “Mental Health and Drug Abuse”

Rawalpindi: (Educational Reporter) The Department of Behavioral Sciences organized a seminar on “Mental Health and Drug Abuse”. Mr. Yasir Masood Afaq, a distinguished psychologist and Founding Director of House of Wellness, a premium residential psychiatric treatment facility and drug rehab in Islamabad.

Mr. Yasir Masood Afaq conducted an interactive session along with edifying videos. Students were made aware of the types of drug abuse, its pathways, related psychosocial issues, and associated mental health conditions. Both risk and protective factors along with appropriate pathways of seeking help were discussed. Need for psychological first aid training was identified to take preventive and precautionary measures against drug abuse. The event was concluded by Dr, Sabahat Haqqani presented on the theme of the seminar by the students of Behavioral Sciences. 150 students attended the event and at the on this Seminar student perform a Tablo drama.

At the end Head of Department Behavioral Sciences Dr. Aneela Maqsood Presented souvenir to Mr. Yasir Masood Afaq as a token of appreciation.