French film ‘Let the Girls Play’

French film ‘Let the Girls Play’

Islamabad: (cultural Reporter)The New Year has been now for over two weeks. It is time for fun with a comedy film. Pakistan National Council of the Arts in collaboration of the Embassy of France and Alliance Francaise then brings a sports comedy ‘Let the Girls Play’ (Comme des Garcons) from last year in PNCA Lecture Hall tomorrow (Wednesday – January 16) at 7 p.m.

The time is late-sixties. Writer-Director Julien Hallard takes us to a newspaper office, a playboy sports reporter, stubborn boss and charming girls.The reporter writes on what pleases him in sports activates. The stubborn boss forces him to plan a programme for newspaper yearly celebration together with a charming assistant. What more would one want. This takes us to the bright but a bit crazy idea of a women football team. Women were playing football all over Europe and elsewhere in late-sixties and it was not a big deal for women to play football in France in late-sixties and early-seventies.

However, things would not stop just at playing the game. The film takes us miles ahead to the official national recognition of the team. It is the struggle of character to a make sure that football for women becomes nationally legal (as legal as men’s league).Impressive production values, crisp camerawork enjoyable script and comic acts turn ‘Let the Girls Play’ a good starter for 2019