China-Panda/Damaged Camera


China: (CCTV + Batieghar) A giant panda suspected of stealing an infrared camera and damaging two others had no idea that its “criminal acts” were captured by one of the damaged cameras, as 24 different pieces of film, along with 51 photos, were revealed by nature reserve officials on Tuesday in southwest China’s Sichuan Province.

The “evidence” was taken in Wujiao Nature Reserve under the forestry bureau of Jiuzhaigou County between Nov 24 last year and Feb 4 this year.

Two days after the panda’s first appearance on camera, the suspect took action. On the first day of the new year, as the panda carefully climbed over for a closer look, what it saw was what looked like a face, as the camera slightly resembles a metallic robotic head.

Seemingly frightened, the panda started its interrogation, nudging the infrared camera with its fluffy head, threatening the dark-colored panda reflection on the camera lens, which eventually led to the damage of two infrared cameras.

Another panda was captured by infrared cameras in Caodi Protection Station, but this panda sat peacefully on the ground for a while, with its back turned to the lens.