Good outcomes hoped from China-U.S. trade consultations: Premier


China: (CCTV+/Batieghar)Good outcomes are hoped to be delivered out of the economic and trade consultations between China and the United States, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Friday.

China and the U.S. have broad common interests and their shared interests far outweigh differences, Li said at a press conference after the conclusion of the annual session of China’s national legislature.

“Steady growth of China-U.S. relationship is in the interest of both countries. It is also something good for the whole world. So I anticipate this relationship will continue to forge ahead despite twists and turns and that should be the underlying trend going forward. The trend will not and should not change,” Li said.

China-U.S. trade frictions become prominent recently, but both sides never stop consultations, Li said.

“Last year, during the Group of 20 summit, presidents of the two countries reached important common understandings and consultations between the two sides on economic and trade issues are still underway. We hope that good outcomes will be delivered out of those consultations, outcomes that work for both sides and deliver win-win and mutual benefit to the two countries. I believe that result is also what the whole world would like to see,” Li said.

“As two major economies, China and the U.S. have become closely intertwined through decades of development and cooperation, it is neither realistic nor possible to decouple the two economies. I believe we need to continue to follow the principles of cooperation instead of confrontation, mutual respect, equality, and mutual benefits to advance bilateral relations, including economic and trade ties, to deliver concrete benefits to people of the countries,” Li said.

China has confidence that the two peoples have the wisdom and capability to diffuse and manage their differences to pursue steady and sound development of China-U.S. relationship, he added.

Li also responded to the alleged spy issue of Chinese companies.

“You ask whether the Chinese government asks Chinese companies to spy on other countries. I do not know whether you are talking about spying on the governments or individuals. But all in a word, such kind of action is not consistent with the Chinese law and is not how China behaves, and it does not and will never happen,” Li said.