Burning Eyes By Zill e Huma Malik

By Zill e Huma Malik

Dreams start crawling and gradually frolicking..

Dusty winds come and they go with the winds..

Eyes burn, head sours, heart aches and breathe chokes

Moments pass with every beep of watch..

Night matures but no sleepy eyes

Wait and wait for those sounds..

Sweet talks, those calls, long gone..

Tired mind aches says complain a little and snubs

Let’s shut xillay and abandon chasing

Those dreams long gone

Let’s sleep with beautiful thoughts

Mercy on your open burning eyes…


Eyes cry for those who long gone

But we lose in confusions those want to come along…

Sitting, waiting and thinking looking at the marble wall..

Shadow with light..

Tears with smile..

Love never come alone..

Let’s go to those towns

Where walks wore paths..

Hearts love living ones

And eyes don’t search buried ones..



Zill-e-Huma Malik

What a shame!!

My strings take me there

Where my souls shackled..

Withered dreams

Where breathe choked up..

Where my world lost

Pieces buried in ashes of shame

Where tears shed ashamed

What a shame!

Where torments of salty blood

Sweep away the blind walls of trust

Shallow twisted soul tied there long there..

Body shivers with cold emotions..

Let the sky of my eyes cry

Bloody flood of tears on rosy cheeks

What a shame!

I found my soul ashamed

What a shame!!!

What a shame!!



Zill e Huma Malik