Can’t find any clue… by Zill-e-huma

By Zill e Huma Malik

pieces pieces jigsaw puzzle pieces…

scattered on the floor

mixed with dirt blood and tears…

lost many relations there

and here scattered photographs of old times

Light goes light comes…

Flash back of memories…

Rain starts rain stops…

Thunderstorm screams..

Moon dying

Stars shining

But hope is still bleak

Lost myself in wind and stormy night..

Can’t find any clue

Who I was who I have become..

Stealing glances on people

Or dirt and mind in air….



Tears don’t quench….


There is nothing nothing inside

No relieve of this pain

Tears don’t quench the thirst of pain of the dying wishes

Heart wails and remorse

since love has occupied the territory of her heart

her time running out and guilt is still encompass her

once arrogance laughter

has already touched the shallow pits

wounds cannot be healed now

pains plead and swollen eyes seek relieve

redemption from the dying desires

she knows she cannot carry on

but she fails

few random pats on her shoulder

won’t lift that up which she carries

few sweet people’s company won’t heal them

her tongue has tasted tears and blood

her tongue has tasted those sweet names

her eyes had visions of happy visions

she heard those sweet sounds and laugter

now her ears and eyes sting

her feet wandered and wore

those muddy and uneven paths

and she is a lonely crier….