Salam o Alaikum and nihao to all .

I khawar zaman chinese name 马宁 , a graduate in laws from international islamic university islamabad and hsk 5 from beijing language and culture university narrate this on behalf of all Pakistani students studying in china specially students of beijing language and culture university {BLCU} .

When i was a child , my grandfather who fought wolrd war used to tell me amazing things regarding china such as Mao zedong , his movement and great revolution . luckily I had chinese classmates and friends studying in islamic university and NUML university with whom i started learning chinese through daily life chat and communication .  As a result of my friendship and acquaintance with chinese students studying in Pakistan i was able to pass chinese level test level 3 which is commonly known as HSK3 in 2015.

After that i applied for conficius institute language scholarship through conficius institute NUML university islamabad in April 2016 . Conficius institute NuM lead by Mr zhang daojian and managed by Mr Haseeb .This institute established in 2007 was first of its kind in muslim world and till now had recieved many awards and acknowledgements and is the primary and most vital site for those Pakistanis who want to learn chinese .

Moving to my main topic . My name was in list of successful candidates who got scholarship under the category of conficius institute scholarship . There were approximately 250+ conficius scholarship awarded to Pakistani students that year , in which tution fee , dormitory fee was waived and every student would recieve 2500 chinese yuan per month (50000+ pkr) .  I prepared my documents without wasting anytime and applied for visa , got my first visa on my passport . thus i was ready to fly to china .

i booked the ticket of 7 September 2016 and was off to china from Islamabad through bangkok . As we reached beijing airport , our university BLCU , beijing language and culture university had arranged buses for us . We were welcomed by our teachers and some seniors students who were already studying in BLCU .

Our teachers made sure that each and everyone of us have arrived and kept us waiting till they were sure that all students who flew from Pakistan have arrived . The buses moved . two buses went to main campus . while the last bus in which students were a bit more familiar with chinese were sent to beijing language and culture college . we were directly asked to go to mess where food was served .

Now the first thing which made us felt home was a teacher named Cao who was incharge of group of 50 students and the most intelligent teacher i have ever met delivered a brief lecture and with our utter surprise we were directly given room cards which served as room keys and hostel entrance passed along with our monthly stipend of 2500 rmb which was an amount of 42000 at that time (now 50 000+). morever we were provided with free sim cards . In coming few days university arranged our medical and helped us open bank account and ICBC bank located at campus .

All this was done without any delay , any trouble and any inconvenience . Universty staff and international office welcomed us and were more than ready to help us  . Now classes got started and we were leanrning chinese language . we 50 students were divided into three classes according to our Language level . Each class was assigned to specific teacher but classes were shared by all . Teachers were nice , friendly , hardworking and puncual . In one whole year of our language preparatory course none of our teachers were late for merely a minute . Our headmistress was a middle aged lady named Quan who we called Quan laoshi (teacher. Now this teacher , she will leave house at morning 6 to reach in time for 8 o’clock class then will stay till 9pm because we had evening self study class class at 7 pm , when she will leave at 9pm and reach home at 11pm . thus for five working days she wouldnt see her six years old daughter . A teacher so dedicated to her profession inspired us deeply to study hard and react will to the time and energy she spends on us .

Now dormitories,  each student was alloted with a single room which TV , AC , chair , table , bed and attached washroom. shortly it was like a hotel room . As we were scholarship student we were exempted of electricity, gas and other utilities.  morever staff was coperative and Friendly. We were allowed to go out freely, use public transport, buy student tickets for tourist locations. Morever university also arranged different recreational tours for students free of cost. last but not the least we were allowed to apply for tourist visas of different countries during vacations.

During my stay in china i found chinese people are hardworking and dedicated to their professional . I as international student in beijing was allowed to enjoy all my human and legal rights and was never questioned or harassed in china in anyway whatsoever .

I am thankful to all of my friends who supported me in my journey , to conficius institute islamabad , to my teachers , to beijing language and culture university ,  to chinese Ministry of education , and to government of china , and most importantantly to the people of china for giving me a chance to live in heart of their homeland .