What an unfair splitting up? by Zill-e-Huma

By Zill e Huma Malik

Looking at the straight road

Clean shiny reflection of sunlight

Meanwhile come the pleasant rain

Hah windscreen is also busy

Wiping of the raindrops

Everybody around me

Looks busy on phones

Hands moving, eyes tired looking

But shallow minds and expression-less faces

Faking smiles,  falling formal greetings

If Roads are smooth

but why rattling bodies

Angers simmering

hearts enwrapped in shame

holding close the broken egos

and banging  walls of consciousness

When evil becomes your companion

Shameless friends or foes

Unconscious consciousness

And few neighbours around me

All are travelers of same destination

at the end

But we destined to suffer some losses here

And gained handful of happiness

hunt of money never stops

All are beggars for happiness a and pleasure

Let’s sit and watch who will get how much share

Me more half from sorrows and pains

You gain all from happiness.

Hah what an unfair splitting up

Do we question?

Can we question?