RCCI on promotion of regional trade

RCCI stresses for promotion of regional trade
RCCI stresses for promotion of regional trade

Rawalpindi:(Business Reporter) The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) President Saboor has said that Central Asia is a big market and Pakistan should explore new trade avenues in this region. It is the hour of need to explore the new trade avenues, business opportunities between Pakistan and Central Asia.

CPEC offers great regional connectivity and integration from South Asia, Central Asian countries and beyond,” he added.  In a statement, RCCI President said that Special Economic Zones or SEZs under CPEC can serve as a strong base for the industrial development of the country. However, RCCI President stressed that the SEZs must be based on the export oriented business/trade development.

Saboor Malik also urged the government to expedite process and working on CPEC Special Economic Zones. The industrial parks would be developed aligned with local available resources he demanded.

Similarly, there is need to improve banking channel, transportation, road and rail network so that perishable goods got more sustainability.

“We are facing big challenge on competitiveness with neighboring countries. Lower tariff rates, regulatory duties and cheap electricity price can help manufacturers to meet the given challenge and it will also help Pakistan to increase its exports” he added.

RCCI President also emphasized on exploring African markets and informed that in February it had organized Business Africa Forum aiming to involve business community to explore new markets for exports and promoting trade ties with African Countries.

Africa, South and Latin America and Central Asian countries are the non-traditional markets for Pakistan’s exports and have huge potentials for enhancing of exports, he added.