RCCI shows concerns on raids at business centers


Rawalpindi: (Business Reporter)The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) has expressed deep concern over raids at business centers. The raids and actions by customs officials should be stopped at business centers on the account of anti-smuggling drive. There is a need to strengthen monitoring system on the borders to prevent smuggling.

RCCI Acting President Nosherwan Khalil Khan said in a statement that the raids at business centers spread a negative message in the market. It also damages the reputation, respect and reputation of the business center and the market. He urged the Customs and other departments to give notice to the traders prior actions.

He said that the use of modern technology to curb smuggling should be adopted as the harassment is being spreading through the traditional method. Businesses re already down. In such raids and activities, a wave of anger erupts in the business community. Authorities should assess the ground realities here.

The FBR and customs department should actively use data maintained by IPO-Pakistan to crack down on illegal use of IPRs for detecting original and fake border-trade consignments and curbing smuggling at borders.

RCCI acting President also suggested that Customs and relevant departments must adopt modern techniques to curb smuggling and added that the documentation of goods transportation must be made corruption-free.