China slams U.S. accusations of “China’s military threat”


China : (CCTV+BATIE)  The United States’ recent sensationalizing of the so-called “China military threat” is a “thief crying ‘stop thief” move, said China’s Ministry of National Defense on Thursday.

Wu Qian, the spokesperson, said at a press conference in Beijing that facts show that the U.S. is the saboteur of the current international order.

“There is a Chinese idiom “a thief crying ‘stop thief’. The groundless accusations made by some U.S. officials against China, in my view, are criticisms that can be leveled against the U.S. itself. In recent years, the U.S. has ignited wars around the world,interfering in the sovereignty of many countries. Its involvement and interference has led to a large number of casualties, injuries and displacements around the world,” Wu said.

In fact, the U.S. is one who has posted challenges to the global stability, according to Wu.

“When it comes to cyber security, the U.S. is notorious for its massive cyber espionages and cyber attacks against other countries. It has yet to provide an explanation to the international community on Edward Snowden, and it is the least qualified to point fingers when it comes to such issues,” he said.

“As for space, the United States has established a space force and has developed strong space operation capabilities, which will only intensify militarization and an arms race, which greatly undermines peace and security,” he pointed out.

“Speaking of the international order, the U.S. now pursues unilateralism and protectionism and keeps shirking or neglecting its international responsibilities and obligations. In the past two years alone, the U.S. has withdrew from the Paris Climate Change Agreement, the UNESCO, the UN Human Rights Council, the Iran Nuclear Deal and the INF Treaty. These actions made the international community to see clearly that the U.S. is the real disrupter of the international order,” added Wu.

Wu also said that the U.S. “freedom of navigation” operations are actually “hegemony of navigation” operations given the fact that its operations in the South China Sea have severely infringed the related countries’ sovereign rights and security interests while put peace and stability of the South China Sea region in jeopardy.

“A wrong action always comes from a wrong view. The U.S. adopts containment on China because its view of China is wrong. The U.S.’s excessive pursuit of its own absolute security is due to its narrow and selfish security view. And the damage it caused to the international order is an outcome of the United State’s wrong world view,” he said.