Puppetry festival featuring Chinese traditional art icons opens in Beijing


CCTV+BATIE GHAR: A puppetry festival featuring Chinese traditional art icons opened on Saturday in Beijing as the first stop of the festival hosted by China Puppet Art Theater and Yunnan Baiyao Group.

Puppets of five Intellectual Property (IP) images namely Monkey King, Mulan, Nezha, Jingwei (a mythical bird) and Jiang Ziya, a genius strategist from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), staged an innovative puppetry blended with traditional art forms like face off in Sichuan opera.

Starting from March next year, the festival will be held in 15 cities across China, including an immersive puppetry based on 30 operatic roles.

“We hope to see more blends of puppetry and our excellent traditional folk art. And we will bring those national top artists to ordinary consumers, and cooperate with them to create more innovative art performance,” Qin Wanmin, senior deputy director of Yunnan Baiyao Group, a Chinese medicine maker dedicated to oral health.

Yunnan Baiyao will hold welfare activities in villages to popularize oral health knowledge alongside the festival.