Caption: Group picture of worthy guests with Faculty of Economics Department
Caption: Group picture of worthy guests with Faculty of Economics Department

RAWALPINDI:(Educational Reporter)The concluding session of the 3rd annual workshop on ‘The Philosophy and Techniques for Quantitative Research’, organized by the Department of Economics, FJWU held today. Dr. Vaqar Ahmed, Joint Executive Director, Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), Islamabad was the Chief Guest.In his address on ‘Connecting Evidence with Policy’, Dr. Ahmed deliberated on the significance of connecting the evidence based research with policy. He also highlighted the dynamics of both research culture and policy making in Pakistan.He concluded his address with some valuable suggestions for making our research efforts effective from a policymaking perspective.

Prof. Dr. ShaheenaAyub Bhatti, Director WRRC& Professor of English Literature, FJWU was the Guest of Honour. In her address, she emphasized that apart from policy formulation we also need to focus on the proper and effective implementation of policies in order to get the desired outcome.

Dr. Bushra Yasmin, Workshop Coordinator, gave the concluding remarks. She showed her indebtedness to Prof. Dr. AshfaqueHasan Khan, Mr. SakibSherani and Dr. Vaqar Ahmed for being a part of the workshop as valuable guest speakers. Dr. Yasmin also briefly discussed the contents covered during various sessions ofthe workshop. Ms. SairaTufail, Assistant Professor Department of Economics, presented vote of thanks.

Towards the end of the concluding session, the distinguished guests distributed the certificates among the organizing committee and participants. Prof. Dr. ShaheenaAyub Bhatti and Dr. Bushra Yasmin presented the university souvenir to Dr. Vaqar Ahmed. The session ended with a group with the honorable guests.