RCCI demands for opening businesses under precautionary SOPson April 15


Rawalpindi:(Staff Reporter) An emergent meeting of traders was held at the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) expressed concerns over the government’s actions on business lock-down in the wake of the Corona virus.

The meeting demanded that businesses be allowed in safe and secure environment under the standard operating procedures (SOPs) from April 15. If the government takes a lockdown to control Corona, complete lockdown by imposing an emergency in the country, all types of taxes will be waived for one year and all receipts will be deferred.

The meeting was chaired by President Saboor Malik. In which the Chamber officials, representatives of all factions of the association of traders, Shahid Ghafoor Paracha, Sheikh Siddique, Arshad Awan, Sheikh Hafeez, Chaudhry Iqbal, Vice President FPCCI Nadeem Shaikh, Small Chamber President Sajid Butt, Zafar Qadri, Tariq Jadon, Talha Touqir, Taj Abbasi, Group Leader Sohail Altaf, Senior Vice President Nosherwan Khalil Khan, Vice President Hamza Sarosh, Former President Shahid Saleem, Akram Chaudhry, Malik Jamshed and other members participated. The meeting demanded that business community must be taken on board while finalizing the SOPs. RCCI President said that the impact of Corona Virus put huge losses and damage to businesses and the revival of routine business can only be possible in post corona if extensive relief package be offered to business community. He suggested that  Sales tax rate has to be 5%, and  income tax and electricity bills must be waived off.  Interest free loans should be offered to business community so that they can feed their family and their workers.

He said Tax collection should be deferred at all government agencies, provincial and central level. Stakeholders should be consulted in controlling the Corona virus, involving the business community in policy making. President Chamber Saboor Malik said that the SOPs should be shared with the business community for safe business, to ensure strict implementation.