Flexible and rapid response abilities of Long March-11 carrier rocket upgraded


CCTV+BATIEGHAR:The flexible and rapid response abilities of the Long March-11 carrier rocket has been upgraded when sending two satellites into planned orbit from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China’s Sichuan Province on Saturday.

The Long March-11 rocket launched this time is the only one in China’s long march rocket family that uses solid fuel as propellant. Compared with other long March rockets, its biggest feature is “fast”.

Generally, liquid-propellant rockets need more than 20 days or even a month to prepare for launch, while the Long March-11 rocket needs only one day. This time, the rapid response ability of the Long March-11 rocket has been strengthened again.

“The new information-based launch platform is adopted for this launch of the Long March-11 rocket. Compared with the previous land-based launch platform, this platform is highly integrated and intelligent, which can meet the requirements of environmental protection of rocket and satellite products, and function of fast transfer, intelligent testing, fast erecting and fast launch,” said Jin Xin, deputy chief commander of the rocket in China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

The new launch platform can be regarded as an independent “Rocket Launcher”, which needs no rocket launch tower. It has the ability to launch independently, and can flexibly choose the launch site. The launcher can be driven to any place, and the rocket can be launched immediately after the independent intelligent test, reducing the preparation period of rocket launch to a few hours.

This capability will be able to meet the needs of numerous scientific research, rapid-launch commercial small satellites and network operation in the future.

“First, it greatly reduced the launch support requirements of the launch site. Second, we can choose the launch site flexibly and enhance the orbit adaptability of land-based launch, and improve the safety of landing area. The third aspect is to adopt the intelligent test system, greatly shorten the preparation time for launch, and take the rapid launch ability to a new level,” said Jin.